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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-11
health rectification work start < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:18 < / p> xinhuanet the ministry of health decided, from April 22 to concentrating on the end of the rectification work, cosmetics for more than 95% of the cosmetics production enterprise health permission to conduct a comprehensive rectification; At the same time their supervision and examination of the key cities for the beauty parlor, pharmacy coverage to reach more than 80%, the supervision of the wholesale market coverage of 85% or more. The request of the ministry of health, the provinces to determine at least three cities ( Including capital city) , municipality directly under the central government to determine the three districts and counties, to focus on cosmetics manufacturer business units such as beauty parlor, pharmacy, cosmetics wholesale market for the supervision and inspection. Key check include: cosmetics label, mark, specifications, check if the above site operating cosmetics have propaganda effect, whether to use medical terms, whether note there are indications, whether there is a false exaggerated propaganda and the health permit number identification; The existence or non-existence of unlicensed homemade cosmetic beauty parlor behavior, etc. The ministry of health pointed out that to supervise illegal products and found, around to investigate in time, and take the initiative to report to the society. For illegal cases across the province, to communicate information in a timely manner and close cooperation, actively organize investigation. Also, set up a reporting system, increase the publicity of public opinion.
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