Spring | 'skin care' against these secrets to learn quickly

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-02

spring all things recovery, increase of temperature and humidity, the metabolism of the skin become very active, the secretion of sebaceous gland and sweat gland is also growing, so the spring skin resistance is the worst, the invasion of harmful factors is vulnerable to the outside world. Spring skin care big fight, these techniques to learn quickly.

understanding problems spring skin!

spending level alarm

forced the skin becomes dry lack water

forced the peeling skin peeling

forced the red, dry itching to when

spending secondary alarm

forced dry fine lines increasing

go crazy long blain

spending level 3 alert

forced the skin become sensitive, easy meet external stimuli tingling

forced the barrier is damaged, and difficult to restore

in the face of spring starts skin problems, these techniques to learn together!

spending replacement skin care products

spring sebaceous glands secrete exuberant, use protect skin to taste, should be 'lighter', gradually will winter often sticky on the other hand for the other model. Emulsion type simple skincare ingredients, good air permeability, more comfortable and easy to use.

spending cleaning in place

spring temperatures, skin cell metabolism speed, sweat glands and sebaceous glands secrete exuberant, coupled with the special period, now need to wear masks and lead to more allergens and bacteria also active, in order to avoid pollution 'blain blain' clogged pores led to frequent, the proposal with a mild cleanser, facial cleaning, thoroughly clean pores, make skin healthy to breathe.

spending insist on moisturizing

spring dry skin, moisture, is not only in order to make up the lack of sebaceous glands is difficult to form, the more important purpose is to make skin cells with sound, sound and dermal organization structure so as to improve the ability of skin moisture.

spending insist on sunscreen

don't think that sunscreen exist only in the summer, as important as the spring sun, go out more or less will be exposed to ultraviolet radiation, especially wearing a mask, at this time does not prevent bask in, don't wait to take off mask of that day of, turned out to be a face of Yin and Yang. So go out must put on the sunscreen, must not be careless.

spring has quietly but go to, a lot of small fairy raised alarm have skin, especially in this special period, in the process of wearing masks, all from the nose and mouth out of the water vapor gathered inside the mask, and attach to the skin, caused by a relatively humid environment, are more likely to cause a variety of skin problems, in order not to give up our ultimate objectives of beauty, hurriedly come on!

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