'Special period' masks necessary makeup, do a beautiful Girl all

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-31

special period out of the door is heavily armed wearing a mask, but if because it give up delicate, against me! Don't feel much wear masks over face off, change doesn't make up no difference! You are wrong, you know after wear masks delicate eye makeup and eyebrow makeup, obviously more desirable, electricity more!

at that time a lot of little fairy to care about, 'how can wear a face mask makeup'? Then help with beauty makeup, with small make up for the outbreak, with the attitude of more beautiful in style of 'mask makeup' open a battle of 'beauty', a beautiful Girl all!

bottom makeup long-lasting light

when wearing masks, because moisture and friction cause frequent makeup, so the bottom makeup part need only thin render, cover the skin defect dark place, avoid the makeup and skin color difference when take off mask, skin good simply omitted, in combination with moisturizing spray, make up can continue, fine day!

eye makeup charming eyes absorption

mask makeup of the most important is the eye makeup. Because the mask is hiding the second half of the face to, so can only work from half a face, big, bright eyes has become a top priority. Want to let the mask suction eye makeup is revealing, colorful bright eye shadow color can let a person shine at the moment. What eye makeup part don't overexert, sootiness makeup, half-blood makeup. 。 。 Too aggressive, but not that everyday. Relaxed and natural makeup and masks collocation more harmonious, whole person looks are brimming with vigour.

natural eyebrow makeup and agile

natural and do not break and agile clean is also the key to unlock the mask makeup, eyebrows eyebrow part slightly to pick a more spiritual, agile, even if others could not see your face also can feel to your aura. Camber can modify facial contour, and revealed the secret of the personality. Draw the outline of the eyebrows, comb hair streams first, reoccupy eyebrow pencil sketch camber curve of the ideal, with dyed glue make eyebrows eyebrow finally lasting finalize the design and improve the burnish feeling that brow, create natural hair flu, don't draw look here!

choose these products, of course, you can let your mask makeup more trying!

let makeup look more lasting pink

XJ Beauty of these a few foundation, has always been a web celebrity hot style, my face with makeup and matte effect are superior. Quality of a material is very thin, and at the same time also have color repairing function, is suitable for use when wear masks makeup, oil control effect is good, the day doesn't shine, don't have to worry about makeup.

your eyes twinkle in the eye cream

XJ Beauty masterpiece of craftsmanship out cut lines: hot gemma firming eye cream, in a short period of time to magical effect of plain, faded rim of the eye, pouch, it is for the 'mask of tailored, is to eliminate pouch dropsy, go to the rescue circles. Product highlights one of the small iron, in a press a pressure, back and forth from the eye head gently press to the corner between breathing, eye essence precious ingredients have with shaking head pressure, fast absorption by skin, gradually deep into the skin, let your face mask makeup has big, bright eyes is not a thing.

wearing a mask is not does not make up for the convenience of go out, but in order to protect themselves, so no matter when, we have to do a delicate pig girl. Special period to learn to 'mask makeup', make a beautiful all Gir! ! ! !

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