So stunt medical beauty mask? But do you know the effect may not be as ordinary mask

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-03

about the concept of 'medical beauty mask', opinions vary, some people say that the medical beauty mask is a good product, but the price is not high, should according to their level of consumption and consumption ability to decide whether to use. Some people say that the medical beauty mask is the concept of a blown out, people who do not understand the medical beauty and do not understand the mask of 'gold' more consumers.

actually, in our country the present 'cosmetic health supervision regulations' in article 12, article 14 of the regulation, cosmetics labels, packaging or instruction on May note there are indications that may promote curative effect, shall not use medical terms and shall not promote the medical role in advertising. For registration or registration in the name of cosmetics products, declared that 'medicine makeup', 'medical skin care products' 'cosmeceuticals' concept, such as illegal.

today XJ Beauty of small make up, just for your disclosure: those are the hot seller 'medical Beauty mask', what is it? What is the difference between them with sales general facial mask?

01, what is the medical beauty mask?

medical beauty mask does not mean that has the effect of medical beauty mask, but with the medical dressings do facial mask. Medical dressing is high production specifications of the sterile preservative products, and so rarely cause allergic reactions. Medical dressings prices generally, however, is much higher than the average face film, good for this mask effect! So the so-called on market, medical beauty mask indicates medical mask.

medical dressings mask, is usually a medical cosmetology organization or the doctor in the hospital, on dermatology patients using a care products, used in anti-inflammation, relieving, and maintain a moist environment, promote the restoration of skin barrier.

02, and where is the difference between ordinary mask?

what some people will be allergic to some facial mask? Because in a mask, in addition to ethanol or nicotinamide irritating ingredients such as intolerance, the rest is the preservative. Key components of the mask is water-based preparations, as a convenience to save some of them will be in a lot of preservatives.

with ordinary mask, are the main differences between medical beauty face film not cosmetics manufacturer, but a 'medical devices'. Medical beauty mask composition is simple, usually added preservatives is less, so more moderate, but the so-called medical beauty mask on the market, actually a lot of is not in conformity with the production qualification, there is no equivalent effect!

03, can use medical beauty mask every day?

although medical beauty mask gentle, but does not mean that it will happen. In fact, the skin makeup incomplete or affected by the external environment damage ( Such as uv, dry environment) , often use cosmetic mask can also cause dermatitis, acne and other skin symptoms. Therefore, medical mask specific usage finally listened to the doctor's advice.

04, medical beauty face film suitable for everyone?

medical hairdressing mask is not a drug. It's not so much a wonderful effect. Some online propaganda medical beauty mask whitening, tender skin, acne, desalt blain to imprint, belong to illegal publicity.

really suitable for long-term use of medical beauty mask, is the skin barrier is damaged, just done plastic surgery. But as for the skin health, although can also be used, but the effect may not be as ordinary mask.

actually medical hairdressing mask category, in addition to the trill, quickly, and being fervent in the little red book sales, many medical beauty mask is not the mass market sales, only in the hospital sales, belong to 'preparations of medical institutions'. So brand developers find medical beauty mask OEM/ODM processing must pay attention to oh, not all cosmetics manufacturer cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer conform to the medical beauty mask OEM/ODM processing qualifications!

XJ Beauty is committed to become the global cosmetics industry the highest, the widest and deepest ability technology platform, continuous innovation, enhance the brand core competitiveness, for all brands of the Beauty industry to provide high quality cosmetics generation processing, mask OEM/ODM processing services!

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