Small movements lead to big problems and get rid of 5 bad skin care habits

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-14
Sometimes, a casual little movement may make you wrinkle a little more and have a bloated face. In the long run, it may also cause irreparable problem skin. Little affectations are like spoken words. Sometimes you don't realize it at all, but it accompanies you for a long time. When you are in a daze, hold your face, tired and tired, rub your eyes and wrinkle your nose, and get used to chewing with one side of your teeth when you eat . . . . . . You don't know, these casual little habits will cause big problems to the skin. The frequency of holding your cheeks with your hands: when you are in a meeting, when you are reading a book, when your head is a little dizzy . . . . . . This action is very common. Long-term effects: When permanent wrinkles are generated, the squeezing of the palm on the face will cause the skin on the face to be pulled and wrinkles will easily appear. The most terrible thing is that once this action causes wrinkles, it is permanent, which is different from the fine lines and fine lines caused by dry skin. In other words, it is difficult to eliminate this kind of wrinkles with expensive skin care products. Often wrinkled nose, frequency of occurrence: more often when smiling or laughing. Long-term impact: young men also grow wrinkles. The earliest parts of their faces that appear wrinkles are often affected by expression muscles, such as the end of their eyes, the eyes, the eyebrows, the forehead, etc. There are lines when the skin is affected, but as long as the expression is restored, the lines are gone, so don't worry. If it takes a long time for the expression to disappear, you have to start paying attention. Only one side of the tooth is preferred, and the frequency of occurrence: if someone has this habit, then three meals a day will be maintained. Long-term effects: the size of the left and right asymmetrical face is born, because of a period of toothache or because of a certain personal hobby, the bad habit of unilateral chewing is maintained for a long time, it will make the facial muscles on the side where food is often chewed stronger and stronger, while the facial muscles on the other side will deteriorate due to frequent use. Over time, it will cause the left and right faces to be different in size, forming a 'size' face! Dig the mask with your fingers, the frequency of occurrence: the large can mask is used by hand, and it is natural. Long-term effects: contaminated facial mask will make skin worse. You think your hands are clean, but that's just your illusion. There are a lot of bacteria and dust on the hands. After entering the mask, the quality of the mask will be deteriorated and the whole can will be polluted. If the mask is packaged in a large mouth, it is not right to open the mouth and let it touch the air. The pollution of skin care products will cause the skin to deteriorate. When using masks or other skin care products, try to avoid direct contact with the product by hand, but use a clean pick stick or a small spoon. If you are too lazy to bother, then it is better to choose a product that is tightly packaged and packaged each time. Superstitious DIY frequency: there are DIY mask recipes everywhere, and people use them everywhere. Long-term effects: skin allergies and damage, excessive belief in natural ingredients such as fruits, yogurt, honey, etc. , caused the DIY mask trend, in fact, there is no small risk for the skin, because the raw materials and tools of the DIY mask are not as clean and safe as expected, and the amount and concentration of some raw materials are difficult to master.
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