Small beauty &skin care knowledge: must get rid of bad habits

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-01
Small beauty &skin care knowledge teach you identify six bad habit, want to have a good skin deep, six so make sure you will get rid of bad habits. 1, ready to face and arm sunscreen is enough sunscreen is not only prevent bask in black, bare the ears of the week, chin, neck needs to be properly no dead Angle, so you can combat aging, at the same time to reduce the risk of skin cancer attack. 2, too lazy to discharge makeup in the morning and often occurs after the party, came home after all too late makeup went back to the duke of zhou, but the dangers of sleep with makeup, even if spend a week's time is difficult to repair. If you want a quick discharge makeup, just use discharge makeup wipes, can be used as a makeup expedient extremely tired condition. 3, do not pay attention to the scale of the diet to the pressure an excuse to indulge her appetite, you know the excessive intake of salt, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, after metabolism, can cause all kinds of problems, such as sugar affects the activity of collagen, elastin, make skin dull and wrinkled; Alcohol can irritate the skin and cause inflammation spots; Too much salt and caffeine can cause dehydration, skin became very dry, mind your own mouth, eating a balanced diet, is good for body and skin. 4, don't pay attention to embrace and eye pillow case successful beauty sleep there are a lot of details need to pay attention to, pillowcase is the key point, it's in the process of sleep long time of contact face and head, will be covered with grease, dander and bacteria, protect skin to taste, in the process of tossing and turning makes many days accumulated dirt once again return to the face, it is recommended that change, cleaning once a week. 5, slept less is easy to be thinner so absurd statement would anyone believe me? Body detoxification is need plenty of sleep, but sleep has a major premise, the golden age of 22-2 points is the body's detoxification, if miss the golden age of sleep for a long time, then the black rim of the eye, dull, fine lines it is easy to find. 6, too nervous to only emitted even face a blain blain is women are unacceptable, but don't use the heavy concentration of salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, such as potent ingredients, it is best used in the early stages of the blain blain come out, diminishing inflammation, calming effect pox-eliminated product, this can avoid the side effects of high concentrations of products brings to the skin.
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