Small batch processing OEM cosmetics, cosmetics generation processing order how many quantity to start?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-27
Just begin to do the cosmetics industry, investment may not be large, but many cosmetics cosmetics manufacturer will have the minimum quantity of an order for a cosmetic processing requirements, so the basic don't pick up small batch processing orders for cosmetics, cosmetics industry processing usually more than the minimum quantity of an order in the thousands. Because it saves the cost. XJ Beauty professional cosmetics on the processing, also meet a lot of small batch processing of cosmetics, so you want to do small batch processing cosmetics, so look for XJ Beauty, there is no wrong.

a, cosmetics manufacturers claim to the minimum quantity

for small cosmetic processing order, if is the production of semi-finished products, so even if is calculated according to the kilograms, generally tens of kilograms can be customized. If is the production of finished products, so is usually calculated according to the team/bottle, cosmetics factory one thousand cigarettes can basically production, quantity is not too much.

2, cosmetics processing minimum quantity related to the industrial chain

cosmetics cosmetics manufacturer received cosmetics OEM custom processing orders, for example, if you want to production quantity is 2000 bottles of spray. The production of such a batch of cosmetics, you need to purchase custom packaging, purchase raw material, the row of single online, in terms of number of packaging material, cosmetics manufacturers to upstream enterprise packaging cosmetics manufacturer to purchase bottles, boxes and other packaging materials, packaging materials manufacturer requirement is more than 5000 bottles, cosmetics factory is very passive, so a lot of production operation cannot be carried out.

that is to say, in addition to cosmetics manufacturer manufacturers choose order size itself, there is another important reason is that the cosmetics manufacturer industry itself. OEM custom processing, it is more than a link of the process, so to the requirement of minimum quantity, the industry will have the established rules.

at the same time, because the cosmetics manufacturers, need to adjust the production lines, equipment cleaning and disinfection, staffing. Small cosmetics OEM custom processing, time-consuming, and almost no profit, this is why a lot of cosmetics manufacturers don't do the little single.

small batch processing, cosmetics can also do it, general and cosmetics manufacturers to discuss agreement, along with the type of big goods production and small batch cosmetics processing orders can also be single line. XJ Beauty customers more, and basically processing small batch of cosmetics can also do, you are welcome to consultation.

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