Skin give oil black how to do away from the skin give oil black tip

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-24
To do more than a, skin give oil black, deep clean pores, improve rough pore, let black nowhere to hide: 1, make cutin clean work, twice a week to soften skin cutin layer, take away the aged cutin, deeply clean the skin. 2, in the daily clean, can use clean hot and cold water alternately way, because the hot water can clean the skin of oil dirties, and cold water can contractive pore effect. 3, filling water is very important, cause pore bulky generally because skin lacks water, thus forming the oil situation, clogged pores make pore becomes bulky. 4, in view of the skin pore bulky, can choose contain: aloe vera, calendula, oats and other plant components, can be effectively improve the skin pores. Second, the skin give oil black how to do, use for a long time is not suitable for their skin care products can also lead to, with blackheads in the pores, and the skin become more fat, this is because the products containing too much fat or protein, can lead to excessive oil skin nutrition, make the skin cannot absorb, thus on the skin, and after oxidation and black heads, tightly adsorbed in the pores, using a daily cleaning products also wash not clean, improve the way: 1, the replacement of skin care, choose fresh and not add grease to protect skin to taste. Should pay attention to when buy ingredients, pure plant extracts can choose a mild skin care products. 2, replace the cosmetics manufacturer, the most easily lead to black head is bottom makeup product, can choose the quality of a material is frivolous powdery bottom, avoid pore jams, minerals and can choose when a base class of spray calm makeup, because the mineral spray has a good ease and stabilize the skin effect. When discharge makeup, rather than use discharge makeup oil discharge makeup water is better, because discharge makeup water quality more relaxed, comfortable. Three, diet can also lead to the cause of the skin give oil pore big cause blackheads, from the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, we do not pay attention to diet, use for a long time, spicy, too fat, too stimulating food. Lead to drain fire, leading to failed to eduction body moisture, make the body of the grease is secreted overmuch, blocking pores, and produce black head, acne, blain blain, and so on. Improved method: 1, the diet should choose lighter class, especially in the summer, after eating spicy food, choose some of the functions of food. ( Lowering food generally belongs to cold sex food, so the girl come menstruation for also should avoid) 2, water more, also can adjust excessive oil secretion. Fourth, there is also a is not caused by the acquired factors, congenital genetic and oily skin. This kind of skin pore bulky, oil in severe cases, and clogged pores in black. But don't lose heart, we can use protect skin to taste and habits to improve the shortcomings, to improve the way: 1, to move, every day a cup of honey water, can regulate hormone secretion in the body is very good 2, choice of skincare, oily skin give oil is most serious in the summer, so we can choose for summer good effect to protect skin to taste, but the rest of the season, select the partial tone of skin care to the best. 3, especially oily skin, have to regularly remove the cutin. Remove ageing cutin, make skin better absorption, so as to reduce the occurrence of black.
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