Skin care products OEM production and processing civilian goods and big difference of cosmetics

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-31
I won't accept goods the more expensive the better term, do not accept the goods low price to replace goods not good, but there is no doubt, the success of famous brands from not good story and good commodity, well-known brands on saving money, marketing accounts for a large proportion, the brand awareness, and low price products to ensure more famous brand goods. As skincare products user, well-known brand among commodity price are quite big, hydrating mask a few hair to 100 yuan, cheap lipstick lipstick to luxury brand, many can't at that time difference between the advantages and disadvantages, we just blindly follow suit, to do skin care products OEM OEM production, the difference on goods of raw materials, technical, secret recipe, the price is great, apart that how to identify strengths and weaknesses, famous brand and low price difference? Protect skin to taste testing goods is not the only aspect quality specification. Application of high-end skin care products, on the road, always have confidence to talk with people, also dare to speak aloud, appearance with the wind, with elegant makeup, self-confidence, the most beautiful flower. Sales market is the academic achievement of teachers' famous brand goods, sales market, the products have a certain sales market in the whole process integration involved problems. the zhuolu, to ensure product quality and safety, nowadays the mobile Internet so developed, wen figure information spread fast, encourage everyone can pronounce. And low price goods on many levels lack of forward development trend, the development trend in the whole process meets the difficult problem to solve difficult, not every low price products on product safety coefficient can be ensure, is replaced by the market. Selectivity as a processing factory, famous brand, to be able to use good raw materials, more reliable processing plants, the latest technical news, the most excellent talents, famous brand long-term survival, and natural customers buy at ease. Sales market is the best teacher, you have not told you to follow the teacher and the famous brand can be guys agree with its own sales market, is some good areas, product quality is first, the goods shall not pass, low price of goods is also its own sales market, the price is one of them. The demand of the market are also changes in our country, the trill short video quickly among video, Tmall mall and spell more platforms, M type social development main sales market divide class consumption, low price and famous brand all have sales market respectively, choose suitable for their own development in this impetuous society, belle luxury goods and more, I use two treasure can consider my daily skin care needs, enjoy life, do not need to worry about. Manufacturing enterprise production quality management is not the same as Chinese cosmetics manufacturer factory manufacturing point of view is not the same as the commodities, with Japan, for example, Japanese brand in China as a well-known brand, reduce the production cost, gruelling according to China's national standard of China factory factory-examining, production process, testing standards in the manufacturing process and quality inspection will be a lot of attentively, if have the same opportunities for processing factory will pick the goods, the goods shall, in accordance with the provisions of the quality of the relativity and manipulate no Japanese people is high. Also, a famous brand and low price brand are like that, low price of the goods too much, factory don't want to let you do, put profit over there, the provisions of the famous brand of commodities is high, the manufacturing and quality control of rigid, China is big small and medium-sized and large and medium-sized processing plants, quality problem is caused by the market well-known brands, well-known brand processing plant, product quality is not qualified replaced by the market.
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