Skin care products OEM/ODM present situation and future development trend of packaging

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-16
Examples of fusion of the world cosmetics packaging guys share skincare market of the status of the packaging. 1, cosmetics packaging more characteristic in skin care products OEM/ODM packaging, for example, in the past year, the palace of wind, Chinese style element of cosmetics packaging warm welcome from customers, cosmetics manufacturer packaging bearing development trend of the building toward the more characteristic. 2, cross-border marketing hit cosmetics manufacturer packaging box of cross-border began more factors of marketing. Food, clothing and other manufacturing industries on the cosmetic box, fashionable element. About future, cosmetics manufacturer box will have the following four big trends: 1, the element of 'Chinese wind' packaging is still of great rise as the tide brand has become a inevitable trend. In recent years the domestic commodity critical people it's not hard to see in the red, the younger generation of Chinese traditional elements customers show a lot of hobbies. 'Our country has a very strong culture connotation, there are also many items can discover. , skilled application of Chinese traditional elements in the packaging on great level will increase price in the market competition ability. 2, the essence of water category constantly emerging, will drive the pithy bottle and burette packaging materials manufacturing and independent innovation. 3, environmental protection packing material insulating is inevitable trend of commodity packaging material stays has become one of key elements of customer management decisions. With the increasingly serious air pollution, white trash, customer environmental protection consciousness awakening began to skin care products OEM/ODM company to carry out the transformation of development. Many companies have started serious on environmental protection, such as to accelerate the green product research and development and application of biodegradable materials, to reduce can't buy the use of plastic materials; packaging to bottle acquisitions, improve utilization, etc. 4, 5 g/Internet of things technology development trend of drive packaging 5 g for independent innovation and the development of the Internet of things technology trends will give skin care products OEM/ODM sales market to produce a new round of technical reform, drive cosmetics packaging innovation. Nowadays, there are some well-known brands try to placed in packaging NFC integrated IC, customers according to the NFC resolution on the phone, keep the interaction. In the future, the application of the big data technology will further improve customer interaction with skin care products company, improve the challenging.
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