Skin care products OEM have what advantage?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-31
1, the professional advantages of 22 years working experience in skin care products OEM production and processing, services more than 2600 a lot of famous brand, to master many famous brand sales market a line of data statistics, from products to choose collocation, packing products you can find the preventive measures, brand strategy planning, etc, to give consumers free mobile software professional advice, let you gain control of famous brand in the market demand. 2, processing and manufacturing advantages created beauty regimen injection processing manufacturing business services and consumption investment services project funding, multidimensional combination of beauty regimen on middle and lower reaches to the middle and lower reaches of resources, focus on new method for processing and manufacturing, processing and manufacturing industry first, the investment and financing services for hairdressing health enterprise issued by the resources, connections, and eggs, vertical plane and vertical type combined with close ties to treat and promote enterprise, the correct processing manufacturing industry to upgrade, promote the whole industry chain with global perspective based on property, to maintain the whole industrial chain. 3, professional advantage in a global famous cosmetics manufacturer brand often appear pharmaceutical background, pioneered by beauty makeup industry in guangdong Minneapolis anti aging laboratory for famous brand OEM production output new technologies, constantly and continually in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), medicine, biological products and manufacturing plants and other interdisciplinary manufacturing industry capital allocation, for high quality skincare products issued by various reserves ancestral secret recipe. 4, new product development advantage the company new product development management office covers an area of 2000 square meters, has a strong research and development department and perfect and excellent new product development machinery and equipment, professional master high-tech cell biology, nano materials, plasma osmotic pressure, liquid crystal display professional micro emulsion, etc. , professional design to develop a a safety performance is high, the stronger and more absorbent water imbibition, anticipated effect is more obvious characteristics of the ancestral secret recipe. 5, system configuration advantages XJ Beauty was founded in 2006, the company factory beautiful environment. Production workshop environment completely in accordance with the requirement of construction, the company with a number of modern production line, Automatic production line for mask) , many sets of advanced international and domestic emulsion, automatic filling, inspecting and testing instruments, with all kinds of cream, shampoo, beauty makeup products production conditions and ability. We strictly implement the quality system organization daily the whole process of production at the same time, each team with qualified products, on the market for different regions, different types of customer satisfaction.
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