Skin care products OEM generation of processing factory packaging trends

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-31
What are the implications of skin care products OEM generation of processing to help you easily with their own brands. Such as: guangdong province skincare products OEM generation of processing service projects include: the trademark registration, product packaging design, wine bottle opener, outside, raw materials, recipe, buy buy buy, packaging and finished products, storage and other services, excellent production equipment and technology professional brand consulting services team, handle all of your problems. Skin care products OEM generation of processing agent processing has the following advantages and analysis of the single production must be solved: enterprise business license, organization code certificate, production license, sanitation license, product inspection report, trademark registration number. Processing of materials and manufacturing is a legitimate application for registration of the company can resolve the agreement signed with factory, authorize solution solved and archives arrangement, the whole process of commodity inspection, the record for the goods, etc. ( A) Investing and saving, saving the inconvenience of management method, saving agent qualified, according to the demand of the market, improve market reaction time, quickly grab market competition in the market advantages of interior space, get the core competitiveness. ( 2) Customers have a strong regional overall strength. Goods secret recipe can design scheme for the special requirements of special areas, make its can easily produce to create humanized products and consider the customer's requirements. ( 3) Develop commodity must be unique industrial equipment, the operation risk is very big, and there are a lot of customers skin care products OEM generation of processing enterprises diversify risk, low cost for new product development. People gradually formed after 90 cosmetics sales of the main sales market, key skincare brand mastered the demand of the market in our country after 90. In nowadays in an era of the face, skin care products OEM generation of processing factory production out of the appearance of economic development, at about skin care products OEM generation of processing and packaging design. Upstream and downstream cosmetics manufacturer packaging what is the trend in 2019? The temptation to young people to protect skin to taste is key to the role of simplification, and integration of goods is very popular in young people, for example, last year's 'one key' goods not cosmetics cream. He added: 'the rhythm of life rapidly after 90, the design style of them is immediate, worry about trival, reluctant to see goods multifarious command, look forward to goods can solve all problems. 'In addition, add a little' thinking 'in the finished goods are a form of' powder 'digestion and absorption. Some 'smart' protect skin to taste is very easy to be applied, the product cost and technical standard also is not very high.
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