Skin care products OEM and ODM processing way difference

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-31
In recent years, in our country to protect skin to taste both professional ability and generation of processing and manufacturing industry machinery and equipment sound have a trend of rapid development, more and more well-known brands selected and skin care products OEM manufacturers cooperation. Present skincare generation processing manufacturing industry collaboration method has four, respectively is the skin care products OEM processing, protect skin to taste the ODM generation processing, processing of finished goods inspection processing, custom-made generation. In the skin care products OEM processing and protect skin to taste the ODM generation processing is more common. So skin care products OEM processing way and ODM generation processing have what different? Unlike OEM, ODM is a certain stage in the production process has the existing technical new OEM. Company in the production process, application technical all part or all of the patent right for a technical, if goods were produced in the existing technical production finished goods do investors demand according to the characteristic of the specification, will be able to 'OEM'. People call this kind of method of foundry production 'new production'. Although such new OEM manufacturing is a kind of contract or agent processing way, but compared with OEM, both have the difference, embodied in three aspects: 1. Science and technology content is different. The basis of traditional foundry production application are all outsiders technical, basically no existing technical, while new foundry production part has to have at least the existing technical. 2. Is not the same as the future development in the future. Traditional foundry production process only a learning and training, its development prospect in high level is that companies can process properly according to the learning and training technical accumulation, and immediately change the lean production mode, immediately 'upgrade' technical strength; And 'new OEM' has entered the came to the link of technical innovation, its development trend at the next step will be to establish their own brands. 3. Different way distribution of profits. Traditional foundry production using only human resources to obtain cheap cheap manufacturing cost, and the 'new OEM' because of the money into the existing technical change the segmentation method and proportion of profit, the profit included the added value of high and new technology. Well-known brand output: is based on the original OEM/ODM basically into the new market demand for the natural environment of a new upgrade, the reasonable way, reflected in the actual present skincare brand for the company to apply for registration, market investigation, a well-known brand, new product development, production, packaging, design, supply chain, online promotion, marketing management, enterprise management service items within a full set of operation and management system, can also comb for the output of the well-known brand 'competitive advantage'.
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