Skin care of several important steps

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-02
Cosmetics factory does not think the real beauty without makeup make 'without makeup makeup' so simple, although slightly from make-up will be particularly fine, if we can have a pure without makeup transparent skin, call a person not more envy? So want to have pure without makeup is beautiful, you must first learn to skin the 'five steps'. Skin care: episode one to do a good job of cleansing, Hold four seasons without makeup beauty as a first step to protect skin, clean face choice is very important. Max clean force at the same time, we also pay attention to keep humidity and moderate degree. And the choice of the first step is gentle makeup remover, cleansing have makeup or not, the cleansing water cannot little, because a lot of time on the face out of the question again and again at the same time, is likely to be clean and does not reach the designated position. The cleanser is also need to choose according to your skin to the choice of proper cleansing products. Skin care two stages: regular care cutin, the skin will be better to absorb too much old waste cutin accumulated for a long time in the skin surface and pores, not only causes the skin coarse dark light, can also lead to maintain article all useless, you use because of the nutrition and moisture will be blocked by the barrier after the, cannot be absorbed. So little fairies must regularly completes the cutin nursing, normal skin twice a month, oily skin, once a week and we can use less sensitive muscle or not. To keep in mind that peels especially pay attention to the nose and forehead and chin. Skin care trilogy: do more massage skin, can promote metabolism mentioned above to the cutin nursing can promote the absorption of maintain article, so much to do for skin massage is can accelerate metabolism, and promote the absorption. Massage cream is the need to use once or twice a month time, cooperate to massage and acupuncture points skin, the skin will be more transparent luster, and skin 'appetite' will be better and better. Skin tetralogy: face film is very important, every week cannot little as long as it is beautiful to love girl to mask has a unique feelings, mask is the most rapid can replenish nutrition and moisture for the skin care product, so the rush by the fairies also not surprising. But the mask selection is also key, such as the outermost layer of skin to choose mud membrane cleaning, dry skin to choose paste film nutrient. Choose hydrating mask to mask then have to do at least one or two each week, it can replenish skin nutrients. Also do not need one day posted several zhang, skin absorption, use the white also use. The five step of skin care: go out besmear bask in, the skin will be old slowly fairy said to the sun a lot always said it is colour makeup, this is a big mistake, sunscreen was the last step of skin care, and essential step. Not besmear bask in as you go out not close the door again, it can protect your skin from uv rays, anti-aging and growth of the melanin. So, do you often do not besmear bask in, but every day in apply face film, super super tell you, with all white blind. So little fairies go out remember to besmear bask in half an hour ago, it is also indispensable to build without makeup beauty step.
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