Skin care day and night was different!

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-24
Skin also have their own work and rest time, day and night to its state is different, so, we also should pay attention to the difference between day and night when skin care, today we are processing professional cosmetics manufacturer cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer to XJ Beauty is to say with you at different times of the day and night skin care methods: during the day: 1, cleaning: our activity during the day, the most so many discharge secretion, the corresponding oil will emerge, sweating, etc. , then during the day we first is focusing on clean skin. At the same time, because we has done the corresponding skin care before bed, after a night of repair of the skin, is at his best, so don't need too much care, only need to clean off the night excess secretion of oils and fats. 2, appropriate massage eye: I believe you have such an experience, in the morning, eyes glowing red, even a little swelling, may be due to the sleep quality is not high or some other reasons, at that time, the eye alone products can't solve the problem of the swelling of the eye, you need a good do some eye massage. Because, massage can promote lymph circulation, excreting excess moisture. 3, carefully chosen whitening skin care products such as: why do you say, we share some ingredients from whitening products to analyze, in general, many have whitening effect of products on the market contain arbutin, fruit acid or vitamin C, these substances whitening effect is good, but it is very unstable, they will follow the ultraviolet ray in sunshine reaction, stimulate melanin formation, whitening, the more dark. 4, don't forget to prevent bask in work, not have to be big to prevent bask in the sun, whether spring, summer, autumn and winter, regardless of sunny or rainy season, we want to know and the presence of ultraviolet light, this kind of thing for the skin damage not only considerable, and it can be through any transparent things, and no less powerful. So, anyway, you have to rub sunscreen. Second, the night: 1, the makeup! ! Must first discharge makeup! We will be more or less during the day in the daub on the skin a lot of skin care products, so as long as we are made up, regardless of the shade, even only coated with a layer of isolation, also attaches great importance to the discharge makeup, not only general cleanser and wash well, even daub of absolutely no less. Segregation frost this kind of colour makeup makeup belongs to hydrophilic, for the skin strong adhesion, hydrophilic cleanser with simple not wash clean. 2, can be appropriate in this case, the appropriate apply face film is the time to apply face film, our skin have their own biological clock. 8 p. m. - 11 PM, imperceptible blood-vessel resistance to the weakest, also most easily sensitive, this time should not apply face film. If you want to apply face film, please before 8 o 'clock, or after 11 PM. Three separate, day cream, night cream at night, rest is physiology self-discipline regulating stage, at this moment need most is to nourish the skin, accelerate the metabolism of cells, repair skin damage during the day, replenish nutrition, make skin more elastic, more exquisite. So late frost arises at the historic moment, late frost, the active ingredient is higher, the texture is moist.
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