Skin care cosmetics factory analysis professional knowledge

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-06
The first step: makeup skin care if it's morning, can ignore to discharge makeup this stage. Colour makeup product with compound, if not to discharge makeup, skin long-term touch cosmetics manufacturer products, will harm the skin. Ordinary cosmetics manufacturer factory XJ Beauty net work also make-up, the work is discharge makeup to use discharge makeup water, first discharge makeup fluid on the makeup cotton, make-up products wipe down. Remember to go to discharge makeup clean, no residual makeup product in the face. Step 2: clear to have to wash a face cleanser after discharge makeup, makeup products even go after discharge makeup, still have residual makeup product, or at ordinary times skin touch by dust and sweat residue on the skin, use the facial cleanser can be more clear and tidy. Said cosmetics manufacturer factory XJ Beauty net weaving, washing a face also must to choose according to their own skin type, such as oily skin choose oil removal cleanser, picked moisturizing hydrating dry skin gentle cleanser. Step 3: water washing a face, the next step is skin, skin toner, water, pore water/toner, the convergence can be applied. Skin effect is mainly water clean pores and hydrating, repair the skin ph ph, and aftercare thin cuticle, make the skin absorb a large number of facial essence, for the back skin care order fully prepared. Step 4: eye essence, essence, moisturizing lotion, moisturizing cream day cream for skin care is one of the most important, in the choice of cases, according to their own skin type and difficulties to adjust, such as anti-aging day cream with anti-aging, whitening skin was selected skin whitening day cream, excessive application to day cream on the skin is not very good. Step 5: sunscreen, protection, some say, fall and winter season the sun is not easy as hot as summer, why still want to prevent bask in segregation and protection? factory XJ said Beauty net weaving, ultraviolet light in, to provide for people everywhere, in addition a lot of people every day at the computer, the computer radiation is quite big, great damage to the skin, long-term care not skin will accelerate the recession. So even in the room, people also must pay attention to prevent bask in segregation.
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