Skin care considerations

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-02
Cosmetics factory that protect their skin is a lot of women have to do one thing, but someone more to maintain the skin more bad, why is this? In daily life, many women only know to maintain the skin, but don't know how to protect their skin, slowly will appear skin problems, the following will tell you some matters need attention of skin care! 1. Frequently change pillow cases if always up acne, that your pillow can be one of the culprits. Sleep a lot of dead skin and skin secretion of oils and fats from on the pillowcase, especially for oily skin, the hair follicle sebaceous glands secretion of grease content too much, hair follicles in a variety of microorganisms, especially the acne propionic acid bacillus blooms, sebum acne propionic acid bacillus lipase produced by the decomposition generated free fatty acids, chemotaxis inflammatory cells and medium at the same time, eventually induce and aggravate the inflammatory response. So small make up recommend: 'at least once a week in'! 2. Frequent washing oily and combination skin secretion of sebaceous gland usually active, especially in the hot summer, the sebaceous glands is 'overdrive', so a lot of people to get rid of glossy will face frequent times a day, is to get rid of the shine in the short term, but over time will make more vigorous secretion was very strong secretion of sebaceous gland, the PH value of skin is broken, washing more more, pore also subsequently and become large. Oily and combination skin should choose the appropriate balance grease to protect skin to taste, notice filling water more at ordinary times, rather than to simply choose the oil products. 3. Doing the facial mask is not to wear to protect skin to taste a lot of people think the mask belong to effective skin care products, so can be formed at a time by the strong protection of skin, can no longer use the back of the skin care products, it is quite wrong. Our skin naturally more tender, need comprehensive care carefully. Every day of the toner, eye cream, essence, lotion, cream is necessary, otherwise do face film not to wear to protect skin to taste, can cause skin problems. Best to do the facial mask once or twice a week, only to the skin to deep care, can have better skin care effect. The emphasis of the different skin mask is also different, hydrate dry skin can choose to do, oily skin use containment, sensitivity skin hydrating anti-allergic. 4. Shower and wash a face to the order of chaos a lot of people like by the way, in the shower to wash the face, thought it would be more clean, rinse it this way is wrong, because want to unloaded the facial makeup look very clean, it is necessary to use warm water, because the shower water temperature is very high, hot water is not conducive to the makeup. So had better look before bath face clean, so can send the skin in the bath when the steam cleaning once again.
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