Skin care cleaning problems that cannot be ignored in summer

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-19
In summer, the weather is hot. In this kind of weather, the skin is exposed to the Sun, which is easy to cause pore expansion. The secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat glands will be greatly increased, which is easy to cause damage to the skin. Therefore, for female friends in summer, the biggest headache is skin problems. Therefore, every female friend must take care of our skin in the summer and do a good job of skin care and cleaning in order to have a perfect summer. In the hot summer, under the scorching sun, the secretion of sweat and oil is greatly increased. In addition to the dust in the air, the pores are easy to accumulate dirt. The keratinocytes cannot peel off naturally after the old death, and the surface area of the skin is thick, do a good job of deep cleaning so that the skin can breathe smoothly. 1: District care T area oil secretion is particularly strong, pores are thicker, acne, blackheads and grease particles are easy to grow in summer, cheeks and eyes are drier, epidermis is rough, lack of luster, therefore, it is the key to choose different cleaning products. 2: gentle soothing massage, do not use exfoliating products every day, not only will damage the stratum corneum, but also affect the normal metabolism of the skin. In addition, high-intensity ultraviolet rays can irritate the skin, so pay attention to gentle manipulation during summer cleansing massage. 3: It is also necessary to do a good job of cleaning after sun protection. If it is not a sunscreen with waterproof and anti-sweat function, it is generally not necessary to remove it, as long as it is cleaned with ordinary cleansing products and the massage time is appropriately increased.
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