Skin care after staying up late

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-24
Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer factory know now people often stay up late, so how to save the skin after staying up late? Skin care to pay attention to what? Here is to look at. How to rescue skin after staying up late? 1, to clean the pores thoroughly no matter how late sleep, must be thoroughly clean the face before sleeping, so as to purify pores inside of garbage, let pore to absorb the nutrients maintain article inside, must be well discharge makeup, or you will make more bulky pore, and won't rule out the face of heavy metal material and garbage, etc. Choose as far as possible when washing a face in the morning without excitant amino acid cleanser, can help repair and protect the skin. 2, to do a good job of hydrating accelerated the loss of moisture in the skin to stay up late, so you should to do a good job of moisture to the skin, try to choose powerful to protect wet protect skin to taste. Bacterial metabolism more vigorous body, in the evening is costly in terms of moisture and nutrients, especially at 10 days after must supply enough water, otherwise will affect the metabolism of skin, a large number of metabolic substances deposited on the skin, not out of the body in time, can let the skin become dark light. Staying up late to eat more contain moisture more rich fruit such as pear and watermelon, drink plain boiled water more. 3, antioxidant cream daub free radicals can bring a lot of damage to the skin, not only can let the skin spots, also can cause a lot of wrinkles. Always stay up late, a lot of melanin and produce free radicals, in order to help the skin resist free radical, best method is to select antioxidant cream or essence, also should eat more rich in vitamin c, vitamin e, polyphenols and flavonoids of food, such as grapes, green cucumber or tomato, etc
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