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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-19
SK - II only Bai Jinghuan spot is prevented bask in essence dew give you no light color feeling muscle < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:51:02 < / p> every day of uv and other environmental pressures in testing the skin whitening ability, careful melanin, spots, uneven skin tone. SK - II give you skin internal fade spots, external acme defense, to achieve no pure white color. SK - II exclusive light tracking technology wisdom, from isolation and sunscreen to perfect makeup look, not only to maintain, and double defence ultraviolet (uv) and melanin. Give you the perfect sunscreen, no light color feeling. Product introduction: < p> < / p> < p> SK - Five effective formula II system ( PITERA™ + ergot sulfur amino acid, vitamin B3 and main intelligent UV on microcapsule + 5 UV absorbent) Dual effect: combining spot and prevent bask in, can easily against five kinds of environment pressure: UV, electromagnetic wave, cigarettes, air pollution, Vehicle exhaust gas, for example) And the air conditioning environment. < / p> < p> smart UV open microcapsules: strengthen the strain of bad environment and the protection of the skin, the melanin problems caused by the comprehensive UV resistance, and continue to release the whitening ingredients, effective in a short time, make the skin more bright white. < / p> < p> ergot sulfur mainly amino acid: 99% of the high concentration of purification, easily penetrate into deep skin, help skin against ultraviolet radiation caused by the external environment such as free radical oxidation, make skin from environmental damage, limpid whitening. < / p> < p> the five skin-care efficacy < / p> < p> 1. To prevent black < / p> < p> 2. To prevent oxidation of fat < / p> < p> 3. Effective formula for a long time for < / p> < p> 4. Powerful moisturizing effect; Eight hours immediately moisturizing, and for up to two weeks of long-lasting moisturizing immediately improve skin tone < / p>
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