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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-07
Six tips for life, let skin care products absorb efficiently! Whether the effective ingredients of cosmetics can work depends on absorption. For example, whitening ingredients need to penetrate into the deepest basal layer, and anti-wrinkle ingredients need to penetrate into the deeper dermis layer for absorption. However, these transdermal technologies are the business of researchers. We can start with skin care techniques to strengthen the absorption of effective ingredients and master the following six tips to easily double the absorption. 1. Let the skin drink enough water. When the skin absorbs a large amount of water, the barrier function decreases, and the effective components are easier to penetrate through the cuticle cells. In order to prevent the lack of skin water content from affecting the absorption of cosmetic efficacy products, lotion should be used first to let the skin drink enough water. If you are not willing to spend extra money to buy a bottle of water, you can simplify it, make full use of the water on your skin when you wash your face, and start skin care steps immediately after washing your face, don't wait until the skin is dry before applying skin care products, let alone skin care if you wash your face. 2. 'polish' the cuticle. If the cuticle is too thick, it will cause rough skin and dim skin color, which will also affect the absorption of cosmetic ingredients. If the absorption 'distance' of the cuticle becomes shorter, the active ingredients will enter the skin more easily, to better play its efficacy, there are mainly physical scrub method and chemical renewal method to remove cutin. Physical polish is to use facial cleanser or scrub cream with scrub particles and other products, chemical renewal is mainly to use products containing fruit acid to accelerate the renewal and shedding of the stratum corneum. 3. Leave the product on the skin for one more time. The concentration of effective ingredients directly affects the absorption effect. If the product does not stay on the skin for enough time, the absorption effect will be greatly weakened, for example, the essence itself contains a very high concentration of active ingredients, and full absorption can exert a great effect. If the essence is applied, the next skin care step will be carried out immediately, such as mixing the emulsion, artificial dilution of products with high concentration of active substances has greatly affected the absorption of effective components and thus affected the product effect. 4, massage to promote absorption, massage can make some small particles of active ingredients into the internal hair follicles, hair follicles often deep into the skin, active molecules into the basal layer or even the dermis layer of the shortcut, therefore, the correct massage of the product is beneficial to the improvement of the product effect. 5. Create a skin isolation environment. The mask paste can promote the absorption of active ingredients, and can close the local skin, increase the degree of skin hydration, and the rise of skin temperature is conducive to molecular movement, to a certain extent, it also promotes the absorption of active ingredients. Therefore, after using essence products, a layer of covering is added to enhance absorption. We should do the following. A, use cosmetic cotton, moisten the cosmetic cotton and apply it on the skin that has been smeared with cosmetics, especially for spots and acne marks that need to be solved; B, use plastic wrap, cover the parts of the product with plastic wrap, and the isolation effect is good; C, use some heavy cream, oil-in-water cream products may be more suitable. 6, collaborative use, the effect is better, these five methods to strengthen absorption are not isolated, you can use together with several, such as exfoliating first, then use lotion to make the skin drink enough water, when using the product, stay for a while, then massage, and finally use the wrapping layer to carry out all-round absorption promotion method; The use of these methods together can greatly improve the skin care effect.
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