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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-02
Shenzhen health bureau banned beauty parlour organ cleansing < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:27 < / p> hc360 hc360 hairdressing industry channel, many people prefer colonics, wash lung, wash the blood, want to use these ways to enhance their health. Aiming at this phenomenon, the shenzhen health bureau officials and experts disapproved of normal person to use cleaning organ to improve their health. Officials claimed, not advocating hospital cleaning organ of beauty care, all the beauty salon, gym and other non-medical institutions engaged in colonics, wash the lung, wash the blood, and other business activities is not allowed. The shenzhen city health bureau relevant controller introduces, now there are a lot of beauty salons, fitness club is engaged in cleaning organs such as the so-called 'care'. This kind of situation, from a lot of billboard advertising and media advertisement can be seen. In fact, there are a lot of people also gradually to wash the blood in the colonics, wash the lung or 'care'. Shenzhen city health bureau of expert introduction, borrow cleaning organs to health care is a concept of western countries have been eliminated. In the 1990 s, the domestic large hospitals wash organs such as medical equipment imported from abroad, such as kidney, colonics, etc. , then introduce the purpose of completely is for reasons of health. But cleaning organ with huge risk, even for medical purposes, cleaning organs such healing work, must by the medical establishment that decide a particularly strong strength to do. Because cleaning organ requires not only expensive and advanced medical equipment, must also be made by excellent medical professionals do, according to strict rules to juggle, consequence will be unimaginable. Such as to wash blood, somewhere in the arteries and veins to insert a tube, the body of the blood flow through a medical machine, fat inside the machine to filter and a series of links, the curative effect of this approach to the patient can have short, but the average effect is limited, can be said to be more harm than good, after a huge risk at the same time, and will bring a lot of side effects after cleaning. So, the outpatient department, small hospitals, beauty salon, the club, the strength and such activities are not suitable for cleaning organ. In charge of shenzhen city health bureau said that health against medical institutions for normal cleaning organs, beauty salon and club is engaged in cleaning organs similar business activities is not allowed by the city authorities, is illegal behavior, the relevant departments should be banned.
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