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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-17
processing factory share skin care tips < p> 2019 - 08 - 29 19:14:04 < / p> share my skin care experience cosmetics processing factory 1, keep skin clean maintain skin cleanness is easy, say is easy, but a lot of eyebrow in the United States can't do that, a lot of beautiful eyebrow likes makeup to cover facial defects, but make up easily clogged pores, therefore, cleansing, makeup play a key role to maintain skin cleanness, so, whether morning or evening, or after fitness, clean facial ministry skin is appropriate. 2, beer contractive pore this little trick many eyebrow in the United States have to understand, but may be not correct method, because make the mask with beer and the beer first open a day or two, so that you can volatilize the alcohol of beer, not stimulation to the skin, then pour volatilization of beer in the mask bowl, use compressed facial mask to soak in the beer, three minutes later, out and twist dry a little water, apply on the face. 3, yogurt honey moisturizing don't think that you won't have to protect wet skin give oil, in fact, even oily skin, also need moisturizing hydrating, and honey yogurt is the moisture of the best magic weapon, it is very simple, will right amount honey yogurt and mixing, daub on the face, about 15 minutes, rinse off with warm water, so that we can make the skin more tender. 4, oats to exfoliate cutin is each eyebrow in the United States every two weeks to do, use oats chamfer effect is good, it is very simple, as long as half an hour left in fresh milk, oats, and mix into a paste and daub on face, rinse with warm water after about 15 minutes. 5, white vinegar, wash your face every day when washing a face, can add 3 ~ 5 drops of white vinegar to wash basin, wash a face as long as the long-term adherence to the method, not only can adjust the balance of the skin grease, at the same time also can restrain the growth of the blain blain, to remove blain blain effect is very good.
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