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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-11
factory share skin care skills < p> 2018 - 07 - 13 10:40:45 < / p> wandering for many years in the outside, other people's love is beautiful, girl skin of other people's house, and you? That you should be how to deal with? Now is a good time to protect skin, dry skin in addition to drink water more, eat more fruit, also need to apply face film. Let your face feel able to squeeze out water. If you don't hydrate, do not prevent bask in. The base layer of your skin, then, would like a dry land. That's why after summer, easy up spot, allergies, wrinkles, skin problems! OEM cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer of dry skin will tell you why: cells from base layer, upward, died in the outermost layer; Cells divide, constantly goes, death is the process of metabolism. Dead cells do not peel off, piling up in the most outer layer, became corneous layer, namely dead cortex. Machining/cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer experts research out of the five major disadvantages of dead skin: 1. Dead skin make skin bleak; 2. Dead skin wrinkles will break formation; 3. Melanin cannot address, stuck at the edge of the die lining, semi-finished mask stick a card manufacturer, form spots; 4. Not dead skin is too thick and nutrition into cells; 5. Will thrive on the dead skin; Infection of hair follicles, President of blain blain, Breeding mites, can let pore greaten.
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