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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-15
Wenzhou cosmetics manufacturer factory share dynamic skin secret < p > 2018 - wenzhou cosmetics factory 11 - 07 18:02:44 < / p > want to improve the skin question, you must open the skin to absorb. For that matter, cosmetics factory in wenzhou amway tea series products of enzyme activity. Skin absorb most is not due to environment pollution and excessive oil secretion of itself, cause pore or skin channel congestion, lead to skincare ingredients did not enter the skin and internal problems did not improve. Enzyme is what? What role does the enzyme to maintain skin? Enzyme, also called & other; Enzyme & throughout; , is the catalyst of human body, the body's metabolism, energy intake, growth and reproduction of life phenomenon, must with the help of enzymes to complete, is a kind of indispensable medium material of life activities. Skin itself contains enzymes, and enzymes and skin like the relationship between the key and lock, along with the increase of age, enzyme relative reduction of skin, skin conditions gradually decline. Since the 1980 s, people use of modern biotechnology to extract enzymes, which are beneficial to the skin, to add to the beauty products, to strengthen the function of skin, improve skin conditions. Why to use tea enzyme? Wenzhou cosmetics manufacturer factory research and development team found that black tea fermentation raw materials have excellent life energy and active ingredients, includes such as enzyme, small molecule polypeptide, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, a variety of organic acids and polysaccharides and other nutrients; Thus effect is more outstanding, more safety and environmental protection. Black tea with super antioxidant enzymes and the promotion of the role of cell activity, to activate the skin activity to add by efficacy, effect is better than the average product of enzymes. Using artificial fermentation technology, more active ingredients, keep more nutrients, molecular weight smaller and safer. Enzyme activity series products, tea + enzyme double synergies, & other; Yeast & throughout; Wake up skin, the skin absorption channel completely open, and use the moisture more effectively protects skin to taste, whitening pale spot more prominent, and lift firming more apparent, skin repair more thoroughly.
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