Shanghai cosmetics OEM contract rankings, there are several list?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-28
Shanghai is ranked cosmetics OEM contract? Do you know? For now, cosmetics companies in addition to the special research is to want to do the processing, domestic cosmetics OEM industry development better in addition to guangzhou is Shanghai, Shanghai established contract much more special, like Shanghai jahwa, Shanghai auk antelope, Shanghai damned, and so on.

but do you know? Shanghai cosmetics manufacturer contract Labour cost is higher, a high degree of specialization, the specialization means that Shanghai cosmetics contract many will launch its own brand or cooperation with many foreign brands, for general orders are less likely to pick up. If it's small and medium-sized brand just begin to do the brand, or just turned the cosmetics industry, or is the customer to expand at the same time the need to control costs, suggestion choice guangzhou cosmetics contract, guangzhou is not only the climate is the policy environment, after all, is tailor made for cosmetics and processing. XJ Beauty of two domestic more than 20 years of cosmetics factory, headquarters is in guangzhou.

why cosmetics generation process to choose guangzhou? 60% of the domestic cosmetics contract now in guangzhou, because guangzhou is cosmetics OEM to gather, compare Shanghai focus more on doing OEM. Guangzhou is the concentration of cosmetics, many raw materials are in guangzhou this way of transportation in the past, can control the cost is very low, on this side of guangzhou cosmetics whole form a complete set of industrial chain is very mature. Now logistics developed, so the freight cost is low, the advantage of guangzhou cosmetics contract.

such as XJ Beauty, doing cosmetics OEM, cosmetics manufacturer research and development of the technology is mature, has its own proprietary laboratories, research institute, has more than 20 years of experience in precipitation, and build their own research and development system, professional degree can compare with Shanghai, so to speak.

compared with other regions, originally want to find a local cosmetics contract, maybe you just save freight, but because of my lack of professional are paid too much other costs, do more harm than good. Professional also to the professional company to do, far water is thirsty, can almost thirst. And a lot of cosmetics factory is not qualified, even if you are ready, also can't sell!

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