Several misunderstandings apply face film

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-02
Mask can be skin artifact, cleaning, moisturizing, moisturizing and nourishing, everything is fine, seems to apply a mask around the world all not afraid! Cosmetics factory think the mask is good, but can't take on too much. Myth is a darned, big, king mask is protect skin to taste the food, although the effect is very good, but is not in principle with the everyday, usually 1 - once a week Two is enough. Especially clean face film, daily use is easy to cause skin sensitive, red even; Moisturizing mask use every day are likely to cause acne. However, hydrating mask in dry season can use every day the dalai. On general mask are clearly use cycle, to achieve the best effect, should strictly abide by. Mistake 2, mask before have chamfer do clean keep skin clean before do face film is very be necessary, but not necessarily to chamfer every time. Corneous layer is the skin a natural barrier, the metabolic cycle is 28 days of corneous layer, so the chamfer do 1 time 1 month, most frequent exfoliator, will damage the corneous layer, much less frequent exfoliator for sensitive skin. Myth 3, must not waste the mask essence in saving consciousness to use the place! Apply face film 'overrun' of time, can lead to skin water loss, nutrient loss, you can do it according to the different mask a rough time estimate: moderate moisture content, about 15 minutes after removing the; High water content, can use for a while, but up to 30 minutes to unload. If you're really loathe to give up the inside of the essence, rub it to other parts of the body is good too.
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