Several kinds of vitamins magical efficacy in skin care products

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-17
Main beauty efficacy: vitamin A vitamin A also called retinol stimulate collagen, whether by drug or dietary intake, or outer coating needs to be converted into A acid can play A role. Vitamin A has anti-aging effect, it can stimulate the skin collagen produced in great quantities, to improve the appearance of fine lines wrinkles, at the same time for skin subsidence model blain scar also have very good effect. Contain high levels of vitamin A composition of drug used in or maintain article period must pay attention to prevent bask in, because of vitamin A will to some extent weaken the skin's barrier function, if you don't have A good sunscreen is likely to cause sunburn and even sunburn. Vitamin B3 main beauty effect, anti-inflammatory, saccharifying vitamin B3 is niacinamide, are the most cosmetic effect of B vitamins vitamins, it can inhibit inflammation, strengthen the function of autogenous skin moisturizing, restore water oil balance, prevent skin yellow by saccharification, improve complexion dark, caused by age spots, but also has good anti-aging effect. Vitamin C major beauty efficacy: whitening, neutralize free radicals of vitamin C, its function is the best skin care hairdressing, vitamin C can inhibit melanin cell oxidation, prevent spots and fade spots, carry bright color of skin. In addition, vitamin C and good antioxidant effect, can help promote collagen production, contains high concentration of vitamin C skin care products not only can be used in the pale spot, also can smoothen skin fine lines. Vitamin E main beauty efficacy: antioxidant vitamin E is an ancient and highly effective antioxidant, and very stable and secure, even sensitive skin is not easy to feel exciting, so in a lot of research and development of specially designed for skin with poor tolerance of anti-aging products, vitamin E is a main ingredient. Vitamin H main cosmetic efficacy: whitening vitamin biotin is a kind of relatively unpopular, was first found in the field of skin care in cortex moutan. Vitamin H not only can even color of skin, fade spots, there are certain anti-inflammatory effect, so for the ingredients of whitening products is also very suitable for oily skin blain blain, blain to imprint to protein. Vitamin K mainly cosmetic efficacy: improve black rim of the eye is different from other whitening ingredients, vitamin K improve black rim of the eye from the blood vessel function. Which caused by the poor circulation, vasodilation usually cyan, black rim of the eye conventional anti-oxidant whitening ingredients in this situation is unable to work, and vitamin K can promote blood circulation of skin moisture and shrinkage capillary, fundamentally improve black rim of the eye caused by poor circulation function.
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