Several cognitive mistakes of natural organic cosmetics

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-06
The discussion on harmful ingredients in cosmetics has never stopped, but there has never been a positive solution. If you have to say that there is any consensus, according to XJ cosmetics OEM editor, it is: 1) Since everyone knows that it is a harmful ingredient, be careful to avoid it; 2) Avoid products containing harmful chemicals and use natural cosmetics. It can be seen that cosmetics containing natural ingredients seem to be more popular, but don't think that natural ingredients are completely non-irritating. Some people with sensitive skin suffer from 'Allergic contact dermatitis' because they are allergic to natural ingredients contained in natural cosmetics '. Remember: whether it is a chemical or a natural ingredient, it may cause allergies as long as it is not suitable for your skin. If you want to know which ingredients you are allergic to, you can only go to the hospital for an allergy test. Based on this, please recall whether there is an allergic history in the process of using cosmetics. When using products containing new ingredients, it is recommended that you apply a proper amount behind the ear or inside the arm and observe for 20 minutes. According to the cosmetic OEM full component logo, products containing pigments and spices are not natural cosmetics. Propolis, grape seed oil, green tea, silk extract, antioxidant and oxalic acid vitamin E extracted from plants belong to the category of natural preservatives. The most common natural cleansing agents are lecithin extracted from soybean and xanthan gum separated from plant sugar (Xanthan Gum) Cocoa and palm ingredients extracted from coconut and palm. In addition, the ingredients extracted from the mixture of sugar cane and olive oil are also commonly used. The next time you buy a natural product, take a closer look at whether the product contains the above ingredients. Natural organic cosmetics have no side effects? Most of the massage cream is made of natural ingredients. If you massage too hard, it will irritate the facial skin, causing dry discomfort and closed acne. If it is not an individual's ingredient allergy, it is a ingredient problem. In this case, it is easy to cause secondary infection and cause skin 'internal injury '. Many people will call this situation a 'dizziness reaction' or 'improvement '(Most of them are said by the product sales staff). They will tell you that the product is helping to expel toxins accumulated in your skin for a long time, 15 days ~ After 30 days, the skin will improve. These words have no medical basis, and most people's skin condition remains the same. Help the skin to detoxify if it is what they say, then you are not using cosmetics but Pharmaceuticals! Remember: as long as the product causes any skin problems, please stop using it immediately! Natural organic cosmetics that are more likely to be contaminated by bacteria and mold, Linda Katz, director of the U. S. cosmetics Bureau, pointed out, 'natural and organic cosmetics are more likely to be contaminated by microorganisms than products containing chemical raw materials. 'At present, there is no international standard for microbial content. The Korean cosmetics industry association has formulated its own standard for microbial content, but it does not have enforcement in management and implementation. Not long ago, pathogenic bacteria such as aerobic bacteria, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus of ten cosmetics were tested, company C's 'Green tea lotion' was found to have problems with aerobic bacteria. Handmade natural cosmetics should pay more attention. All Natural products will deteriorate after being stored indoors for one day. Therefore, when making cosmetics at home, it is necessary to thoroughly disinfect and refrigerate the containers. During the manual production process, attention should be paid to prevent microorganisms such as Staphylococcus and Escherichia coli from entering the cosmetics. In addition to paying attention in the production and manufacturing process, users are advised to use a small spoon to avoid secondary pollution when using natural cosmetics. Most natural preservatives have no chemical preservatives for a long time and are relatively weak. Plant components are easy to turn sour after contacting with air, and are more likely to be polluted by bacteria and mold than chemical components, resulting in corruption and deterioration. Therefore, check the color and smell of cosmetics at any time to avoid using deteriorated products. Appropriate temperature and suitable place will extend the storage time of cosmetics. Generally speaking, the storage temperature of cosmetics is similar to that of red wine, and the room temperature is kept at 8 ~ 12 degrees Celsius. If it is placed in a place where the temperature is too low, the water and oil will solidify in layers. If there is no cosmetic refrigerator, it should be placed in the grid closest to the door on the side of the refrigerator. Remember: Be sure to take a small spoon when using cosmetics. Cover the lid immediately after use. Natural preservatives are much worse than chemical preservatives, so be careful, careful and careful! The shelf life of well-known natural cosmetics is generally more than six months, and some products may exceed one year. Whether the product can be stored at room temperature can quickly determine whether it contains chemicals. At present, some natural cosmetics are valid for three months, and some are even less than one month, which proves that there is no chemical preservative added to these products. Finally, to sum up, the purchase of natural cosmetics must record the production date and the best use period after opening on the outer wall of the product container. The smell of cosmetics means that it has deteriorated and should be discarded immediately.
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