Sensitive muscle as a demon again! Hands on sensitive muscle change garments according to the nursing care plan

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-26

every type of skin is different, and sensitive muscle groups in the country indeed occupies certain proportion, due to the particularity of the sensitive muscles, and they are buying cosmetics manufacturer, will be particularly careful, so sensitive muscles should be how to care? As a caring small make up, XJ Beauty is hands on for you: sensitive muscle change garments according to the nursing care plan.

1, completes the moisturizing

when go out to dinner party, moisturizing work must be done, just recover skin peel phenomenon must be a serious water shortage, protect wet do bad, would be hard to dry skin at the same time.

after 2, allergic skin always cool calm

red blood silk, an heavy is sensitive period state of the skin, is seen most regularly use warm water and gently pat skin calm. Or when the outdoor sunshine or a mutation hot or cold environment, little face may soon become blush guan gong.

3, avoid to fragile skin pressure

after allergy of skin itself has very big pressure, discharge makeup oil is the best action, tried to use makeup water to discharge makeup to security. Mild discharge makeup clean does not mean that the force is reduced, use discharge makeup water just to avoid to have sensitive burden, cleansing products is also on the premise of moderate selection.

4, after go out to overall cleaning

every time go out to return for full clean, don't let stay allergens for a longer time. Adverse material don't let it stay outside damage skin on the face

5, skin nutrition to decreasing

to protect skin to taste is the choice of as far as possible with the function of soothing, this will help the skin to rebuild sebum membrane, excessive nutrition in your skin to stay away from sensitive period.

6, strengthen their own resistance to

the face allergic big reason for their resistance to drop, so strengthening the body resistance is one of the most fundamental.

sensitive skin should pay attention to maintain protection, use special sensitive skin protect skin to taste, can enhance skin resistance, make the skin recover healthy cells and tissues, regular work and rest, enough sleep helps to improve skin's resistance, appropriate exercise can promote the metabolism, accelerate blood circulation to the ends of the skin, improve the symptoms of dry, itching.

small make up is not sensitive to muscle, thick-skinned to death, but I sincerely wish you all so sensitive muscle of friends, to love yourself well!

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