Science and epidemic prevention, don't abuse chlorine disinfection

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-20
Disinfectant, everyone will be sprayed several times, must go out wearing a mask. Market is the main components of the common disinfectant sodium hypochlorite, usually this kind of unsaturated acid is difficult to volatilize in air, and water pollution. Reasonable XJ Beauty to urge the social sciences and epidemic prevention, epidemic prevention, don't dig broken simple isolation from the public road, don't abuse chlorine disinfectant and masks. During the new crown pneumonia outbreak, everybody attaches great importance to these, but too much will also bring some harm. Citizens to prevent common pitfalls in 1. No patient and recessive infection, usually is given priority to with clean sanitation, preventive is complementary. 2. New coronavirus in the outside ambient air, the surface of all kinds of risk is very low, when there is a patient and recessive infection, or because of the crowded increased risk of sexual activity, only need to be sprayed. 3. Don't need to spray outdoor air. 4. Adding chlorine disinfectants in humidifier humidification spray for the indoor air, will harm the indoor personnel. 5. Chlorine disinfectant effect of corrosion on the items, especially the metal corrosion resistance is very strong, the skin mucous membrane has excitation. 6. Residual chlorine disinfectants, the environmental pollution caused by the long-term use of disinfectants have an impact on health, has damage to the goods, to a scientific, moderate spray. Alcohol is now recognized and reliable way of spraying, the national WeiJianWei in prevention and control in the guide clearly pointed out that about 75% of medical alcohol can kill a new coronavirus. Derived from natural grain alcohol, no pollution to the environment. Why did you choose any condensation condensation state to wash his hands free? (1) compared with spray products will not have to inhale dangerous. When you don't convenient 'convenient' hand guard. (2) can enhance ethanol is retained, prolonged exposure to the virus or dirt, and effective as possible. (3) containing 75% ethanol products low flash point, belongs to the dangerous goods. Transportation storage has clear limits. While yi Lou products greatly improve flash point.
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