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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-17
Five problems salon punished < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:26:24 < / p> source: yanzhao evening news report from our correspondent yesterday, the municipal public health supervision department released recently hairdressing industry health special inspection results, five joint by using unqualified cosmetics or irregularities were given administrative punishment. Five beauty shop, located at Beijing hualian declaration of beautiful women on the third floor SPA beauty center, for the use of consumer identity for optimal posture d. , Switzerland on snow Freya series of cosmetics manufacturer packaging in addition to the product name and date of production, and did not show any other signs; And located at the junction of huaihe road and ZhaiYing street water skin people living beauty salons beauty for consumer use of identification for the wenzhou salome cosmetics co. , LTD. Production of brahman and brand cosmetics, has not obtained the ministry of health approval for special use cosmetics manufacturer and remove melanin effect to have on the manual annotation; In 328 ZhaiYing street she beautiful woman skin care center USES are identified as the Shanghai longfeng hairdressing hair care products factory production of vitamin E, C cream, anti-acne essence, whitening extracts latex, has not obtained the document of approval for special use cosmetics and special purpose. Tests also found that peace is located in west road no. 412 hundred rhyme thin body, its disinfection cabinet as the storage tank. Ms LAN and poetry in the store disinfection ark save up a lunch box. At present, health supervision department has the above five beauty unit has carried on the administrative penalty. Beauty salon industry health special inspection work is still ongoing, health supervision departments to remind consumers found that the problem timely report calls: 6034891.
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