Rough pore solutions

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-02
Pore resistance to the old way: pay attention to adjust water-oil balance, chamfer when necessary the care. Use daily balance oil secretion, clear pore water and emulsion. Chamfer simple product deep-seated cleanness, a week, a massage with massage frost. Massage and chamfer strength should be paid attention to, do not cause skin burden. After cutin of the skin is in a state of completely unaware, be sure to use emulsion repair in time. Pore type: type water pore bulky feature: the skin moisture and less sebum, dry and wrinkled; Nose two side pore is bulky. Reading: if the pores are sometimes ok, sometimes it is very thick, the emulsion is used more obvious, so your pore problem must be related to the dry lack water. Lack of water, pore openings of corneous layer becomes thinner, make pore expansion and obvious. In addition, when the skin aging, the loss of collagen near pore openings, break down the follicle peripheral support system, also can make pore expansion. Pore anti-aging methods: moisture, tighten pores. When the skin becomes dry, water is reduced, would be to make the pores around the skin of a depression, a shadow, let originally look inconspicuous rough pore becomes obvious and many. Countermeasures to prevent the skin pores in the side, should give skin hydrated. In addition to using a high water retention of toner, lotion and essence, can also apply hydrating mask. Features: the pore is long and narrow, straight long form or water droplets form. Reading: along with the age growth, the collagen and elastic protein inside the body slim and fragile, unable to effectively support the skin, make the skin around the pores appear slack sag, pores and thus present the teardrop-shaped expansion. Pore anti-aging methods: 1. To do a good job of basic clean, fully protect wet and prevent bask in. 2. Can choose hyperplasia of collagen and elastic fibers and contractive pore ingredients maintain article, as far as possible to improve the pores has been formed. 3. To hate black, can choose some add a light modifier containing silicon or products, in order to make the skin look smooth.
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