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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-03
Cosmetics factory in wenzhou reveal the cause of the aging < p> 2018 - wenzhou cosmetics factory 11 - 06 17:15:50 < / p> aging is the process of each person only, we can not stop the arrival of aging, but we could delay the arrival of aging. Propolis cosmetics factory in wenzhou plastic pigments series product can be a large number of replenish nutrition, slow down the pace of aging. Aging is a terrible thing, with the increase of age, environment pollution, work pressure and life habits, such as point from the degree will accelerate skin aging. After cosmetics factory technology research and development center in wenzhou experiments show that aging starts from the loss of collagen, followed by skin problems that sank, color spots, wrinkles, dry, allergies, molting, blasting acne, red & hellip; … And so on, make facial skin horrible. After a cosmetics factory in wenzhou technology research and development center, found that the root cause of skin aging & ndash; — Cells new force decline, loss of ability to new skin condition into the minefield dangerous layer, push the old factors cause thinning of the skin in the world and the elasticity decreased, contour relaxation, and finalize the design the permanent sag and wrinkles. For cells, new research and development center to explore a variety of ingredients, after a lot of cell experiments, found that promote cell renewal force effects of propolis, contain lots of nutrients can not only improve the luster of skin and vitality, and help the skin to resist environmental pollution, and climate change, is replenish nutrition to promote cell regeneration ability of optimal. Propolis contains more than 70 kinds of flavonoids, flavonoids has been praised for nature & other Phytoestrogens & throughout; , flavonoids can prevent the degeneration of cell aging body, strengthen the cell membrane, cell regeneration is a variety of wonders. Making use of pure natural anti-aging ingredients in propolis, and combined with supercritical carbon dioxide extraction technology research and development production of propolis plastic pigments series product. Healing ability to the product can activate skin cells, let cell activity again, then take out the cell regeneration, promote cell update, cell senescence; Form a protective barrier on the surface of the skin at the same time, locking the collagen in skin, firming skin protection.
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