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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-02-27
Reveal the inside story of plant cosmetics processing China's cosmetics market is expanding day by day. There are countless kinds of cosmetics. What kind of cosmetics are relatively safer? Many people will answer, of course, plant cosmetics are safe. Is plant cosmetics processing really natural and safe? Today Shengmei plant cosmetics processing expert 1. The difference between plant cosmetics and chemical cosmetics the biggest difference between plant cosmetics and chemical cosmetics is mainly due to their raw material composition and product effectiveness. Chemical cosmetics focus on the use of data indicators, usually using high-tech means and synthetic chemical components, and strive to solve various problems in the skin in a short time. Usually, we see this kind of cosmetics in the marketing advertising, will be used continuously for how long, what kind of effect can be achieved and other words. Plant cosmetics pursue a permanent cure, that is to say, they pay more attention to let cosmetics plant ingredients penetrate into the skin, regulate the basal layer of the skin, improve the skin's own repair function, and make the skin perfect. However, the process of this kind of conditioning and repair is relatively long. Although the cycle will grow a little, the components are safe components extracted from plants, such as salicylic acid and antioxidant green tea, naturally, it is safer than chemical cosmetics. 2. Are plant cosmetics really pure plants without additives? At present, many plant cosmetics slogans are mostly similar to natural without additions. Is it really without additions? The answer is, impossible! How can it be no addition? If no additive is added, even if the extraction technology content of plant components is high, the combination of water and oil cannot be separated, and the product cannot be kept unchanged at normal temperature. At present, we often say that there is no addition, mainly for preservatives, flavors, alcohol, artificial colors, etc. Others can be added, but some additions are inevitable. For example, if no preservative is added, the product will become a bottle of bacterial culture. If it is applied directly to the face, is there any instant creepy. There is no perfect thing, so as long as the added ingredients in plant cosmetics meet the national inspection standards and are suitable for your skin characteristics, there is no need to resist too much.
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