Response to spring skin problems, these tips to learn together!

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-02
吗? Changing a metabolism of skin care products spring skin glands, application of skin care products, should be 'traveling light', the thick of winter common slowly on the other hand cream for relaxed on the other hand cream. Protect wet latex class simple skincare ingredients, good ventilation rate, application more comfortable and easily. 吗? Clear spring warming in time, the skin cells basal metabolic rate acceleration, sebaceous glands, skin glands, energetic, and unique stage now, have to wear masks and cause allergic source, germs, and more activity, to prevent the environmental pollution caused by blocking the pores of the skin the blain blain on the face, proposed to use relatively gentle cleansing milk, facial cleanness, completely clean pore, make skin breathe freely of physical and mental health. 吗? Persistent moisturizing hydrating spring dry skin, moisturizing hydrating, but not in order to fill the skin glands cannot produce enough, vital goal depends on promoting the improvement of the cortical cells and the perfection of subcutaneous tissue structure, it can improve skin moisturizing effect. 吗? Unremitting prevent bask in segregation don't think that prevent bask in segregation with just the summer, prevent bask in segregation in spring as the key, go out more or less are touch uv light, very is wearing a mask stage, does not prevent bask in segregation at this moment, don't get off until the respirator of that day of, become the Yin and Yang face! So go out must put on sunscreen, do not neglect. Spring has come, and many small public election of skin had pulled the alarm, especially in this unique stage, in the whole process to wear respirators, all from the nose and mouth out of water vapor concentration inside the respirator, and adhesion on skin, leads to a relatively mild natural environment, more is very easy to cause a variety of skin problems, so never give up people become beautiful big overall goal finally, let's see some action!
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