Resistance to new coronavirus | [away] size and the guardian of the nano silver antibacterial series around you

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-02

resist new coronavirus, nano silver antibacterial series is the best choice. XJ Beauty with Germany is the world's advanced electric physical preparation process, the elemental silver do nano-sized metal particles, particle size of 5 nm or less, directly cut off the harmful bacteria, killing more than 650 kinds of fungi, have strong inhibition on pathogenic microorganism and exterminate action, effective against new coronavirus infection.

the main characteristics of nano silver

A, antibacterial, antibacterial, the sterilization, can effectively kill and inhibition of more than 650 kinds of microorganism bacterium;

B, mouldproof, deodorization;

C, green environmental protection, non-toxic harmless for human has no side effects;

D, high safety, good thermal stability, wide range of antibacterial and long for the period of validity of sterilization.

is a long-acting antibacterial agent, the antibiotic antimicrobial, belongs to the inorganic antibacterial series, no resistance.

nano silver antibacterial mechanism and mechanism of antiviral

1, nano silver antibacterial mechanism

the first step: silver nanoparticles and pathogenic bacteria cell membranes ( Wall) After combination, into the bacteria;

step 2: combined with oxygen metabolism enzyme thiol rapidly, make the pathogenic bacteria respiratory enzyme deactivation;

the third step: pathogenic bacteria respiratory metabolism is blocked, choked to death;

step 4: the bacterial cell membrane rupture, nano silver released from pathogens.

above the four step process, are completed in a short time.

2, nano silver antiviral principle

1) nano silver to the machinery of virus adsorption and fixed effect, because the nanometer material particles of colloidal stability and strong adsorption, lose virus survival condition and death.

(2) nano silver can prevent the virus into host cells, inhibition of virus and cell receptor, so as to prevent the virus infection of the host cell.

(3) can be combined with virus nucleic acid silver nanoparticles, the viral DNA or RNA structure change, influence the replication of DNA or RNA, lose virus activity.

(4) released Ag + direct silver nanoparticles has damage to the virus.

3, kill new coronavirus

silver nanoparticles can interfere with the synthesis of nucleic acid, hinder the replication of genetic information, including the synthesis of DNA, RNA, and DNA template mRNA transcription, etc. , thus kill pathogenic bacteria and viruses. According to the national health committee general office of the new type of coronavirus infection pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan of trial version 3 describe new coronavirus in sulfur containing protein, sulfur in virus surface protein bar, for the nano silver kill sulfur-containing proteins provide may be a new type of coronavirus.

create beauty nano silver antibacterial characteristics of seven

1. Antibacterial

nanosize silver particles directly into bacteria and oxygen metabolism enzyme ( - - - - - - SH) Suffocated, bacteria in the unique mechanism of action, the exposure can be killed by most bacteria, fungi, mold, spores and other microorganisms.

2。 Potent bactericidal

according to the study found that Ag can kill more than 650 kinds of bacteria in minutes.

3。 Porous

the permeability of silver nanoparticles with super, can rapidly penetrate into subcutaneous 2 mm sterilization, drug resistance to common bacteria, bacteria, bacteria and fungi causing a deep tissue infection has good antiseptic effect.

4。 Repair regeneration

can promote wound healing, promote the repair and regeneration of the damaged cells, effectively activate and promote the growth of tissue cells, accelerate wound healing and reduce scar formation.

5。 Antibacterial durable

silver nanoparticles using patent technology production, outside with a layer of protective film, gradually release reaction in the body, so durable antibacterial effect is obvious.

6。 Safe non-toxic

after testing found that the mice in oral tolerance biggest 925 mg/kg, which is equivalent to 4625 times the dose of clinical use, without any toxic effects.

7。 No resistance

belongs to the antimicrobial fungicide, silver nanoparticles can kill all kinds of pathogenic microorganism, silver nanoparticles was stronger than antibiotics.

XJ Beauty with cutting edge technologies to develop production and applications of nanomaterials, roll out ceremoniously 'nanosilver antibacterial' series, effective against coronavirus infection, directly cut off the harmful bacteria, killing more than 650 kinds of fungi, optimizing formula, carefully developed, has been with many institutions, team, brand and personal multi-faceted cooperation, preempt the market together.

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