Reliable cosmetics OEM/ODM co-packer originally need to have those skills!

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-16
Reliable cosmetics OEM/ODM, OEM generation of processing factory are hardware quality, ensure production.

XJ Beauty as a spectrum of cosmetics OEM generation of processing plants, have fit cosmetics production enterprise is necessary to have the fundamental hardware, hardware device is good, protect maintain strong, can supply suitable, and the fruit of the security environment, so the major brands welcome consulting understand our cosmetics generation processing business! If you're as brands, how to choose the suitable processing cosmetics factory?

factory: used in site selection, planning, structure should guarantee the protection products, down products, material, packaging material with thick muddy, away from the road, farmland, garbage pollution is significant local; In the designated area for storage, production, quality control and supply satisfactory local goods acceptance, storage, production, etc. :

equipment factory production equipment should be used by satisfying expected useful and easy to clean, if necessary, disinfection and protection and maintenance, protection and maintenance operations cannot be contaminated products; Produced in the process of using the instrument, the measuring tool such as the need for calibration, and have corresponding calibration label and statements, to ensure that the calibration of real and effective, at least once a year.

production workshop, equipment and supplies cleaning and disinfection work need to cleaning and disinfection plan, adhere to the operation records. To formulate and implement pest control scheme, the factory shall not be any animals or insects. Factory outside with high-efficiency, chemical way to guard against and control pests, internal plant selection of the physical control method, for example: rat-trap, mosquito lamp and so on.

in the selection of personnel, workshop building design to equipment cleaning and maintenance and so on each link is rigorous according to the main content of GMPC. Either in the workshop material selection of the design, construction, or the design of production line installation, waste and sewage disposal, in accordance with the nong cosmetics have taken appropriate preventive measures to prevent the potentially harmful foreign pollutants. Reasonable structure, avoid cross pollution, keep clean, good hand washing and toilet facilities.

a good cosmetic generation of processing plants, are all have good technology, XJ Beauty is favored by many brands of cosmetics manufacturer a generation of processing factory, welcome to consult!

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