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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-01
Wenzhou hairdressing industry published guidelines boss show certificates < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:26:04 < / p> hc360 hc360 hairdressing industry channel to overall improve the beauty salon industry generally low level of social phenomenon, the city pledges inspect bureau for the first time this month issued the 'wenzhou city beauty salon service specification', will take effect on November 1. New specification has been clear about the hairdressing and beauty services terms and definitions, requirements, services, such as space requirement for appearance beautiful decoration, there is a clear sign, plaque size of written specifications, shop window layout neatly, distinctive, beauty salon and hairdressing room should be set separately, even to standardise area easy street barber shop. New specification requirements, beauty salon to clean indoor, the light wants enough, temperature is appropriate, and has certain waiting area and conditions; Disinfection equipment, and has a skin disease in patients with special tools; Various chemical used in the hairdressing and beauty services or products made of natural material, should comply with the national hygiene standards and requirements, and inspection by the relevant departments of the state. Head should have qualification at or above the intermediate level, the employees must hold a valid health certificate and health training certificate. Appliances such as towels, cloth, hu brush, knife cut, clipper tools should comply with the hygiene requirements, have corresponding disinfection and sanitary facilities. At the same time also has clear requirements for area easy street barber shops, such as product must choose qualified products; To choose the article skin allergy testing to make sure the product is safe and reliable; To establish product procurement, inspection, verification, testing and registration system. According to city pledges inspect bureau, the specification is a voluntary technical documents, in the various functional departments to the beauty salon management place while conducting supervision and inspection, can be reference to the specification. The beauty salon business units according to their own actual situation to decide whether to adopt the technical specification, but once adopted the technical specification, the specification is the mandatory norms of the business unit, the unit must be strictly executed according to the requirements of specification.
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