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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-15
Modern generation processing cosmetics manufacturer: editrice obese reason < p> 2018 - generation processing cosmetics 11 - 08 09:39:37 < / p> generation processing according to the survey data to cosmetics manufacturer, there are four people in China every 10 people are obese. Many people go on a diet to lose weight, exercise, but you know what is the cause of obesity? Obesity has a genetic reason 1, genetic reasons, if the parents are fat, then the next generation of obesity is generally a few times, and the next generation of congenital constitution belongs to special easy fat bodies. 2, stay up late to stay up late can affect the metabolism of human body, resistance is reduced, and easy to appear at night hungry feeling, if eat more and don't exercise, excess heat will become fat, so as to become obese. 3, lack of sports games, promote the metabolism of human body, at the same time will burn calories, so you won't get fat. Generation of processing small make up cosmetics cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer, found that most of the obese people don't like sports, so they are in a state of sub-health, sub-health once accumulated to a certain degree, is likely to get sick. Ecological 4 to lose weight, the blues have experts after the experiment proves that the depression can lead to weight loss in men and women and weight gain. So in ordinary life, we need to control the emotions, physical and mental health to have a better life and work. 5, steroid hormones are common in our daily life, there are advantages and disadvantages to the human body. Some hormone can affect human body endocrine balance, metabolic mechanism disorder, easily lead to obesity. 6, older age and obesity is easy to become direct ratio, age will increase the body's metabolism function abate, heat consumption will be reduced; At the same time because of work time, sports time reduced, quantity of heat to increase, the increase in the number of diet constitution form obesity.
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