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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-30
Rational expensive away from opium < p> PHPCMS - 2016 12 - 04 14:23:00 < / p> now to protect skin to taste is multifarious, various skin care products category, brand slogan emerge in endlessly, claims & other; Skin problems buster & throughout; &ldquo仍然; A clean work & throughout; &ldquo仍然; N the day let you white & throughout; , a bottle of cure-all, a universal benefit & hellip; … In the process of choosing, let a person dazzling,, whether through a variety of advertisement on the curative effect? Those styles available make the skin white, tender, thin face, acne and spot behind the advertising with unknown & other; Secret & throughout; , if use undeserved will directly affect the health of the skin, even followed trouble on our internal organs. Maintain the skin not & other; Drugs & throughout; , poisonous and harmful ingredients absolutely not try! Mercury, can help you carry bright color of skin; Lead, can help you to bleach; Antibiotics, can help you quickly acne; Hormone, can help you to shrink pores & hellip; Be careful about skin care products added ingredients like this if the above these banned substances added to protect skin to taste, then the effect will be obvious, but the time is long, the skin's self immune and the barrier will be destroyed! Is more terrible problems along with your insides will follow! This is some small 3 without brand and beauty salon commitment & other; * time let you white throughout a color number &; &ldquo仍然; One acne * % & throughout; The mystery of the! A lot of people are in pursuit of short time quickly make skin delicate, fair, firming, away from the blain blain, discoloration, however, raise colour is a slow, need to accumulate over a long period of adhere to the correct way of maintenance, lifestyle and eating habits are directly. We are in need of health and safety to protect skin to taste, refused to when & other; Opium throughout & of skin; ! Hormone treatment face in the process of selecting the protect skin to taste everyday, should choose to have brand recognition related health permits, and normal retail store to purchase, to avoid unauthorized network, by careful with hormonal drugs. Treatment of hormone-dependent dermatitis strategy & middot; Get rid of the hormones, avoid environmental stimulation, seafood, spicy food, stay up late, mental tension, etc. · Choose gentleness appropriate skin care products & middot; Such as red seeping, wash skin with normal saline, 2 - every day 3 times. · Oral vitamin B2 and B6. · Severe cases can still point compound glycyrrhizic acid amine + Vc. · If the situation is very serious, please as soon as possible to the specialized hospital diagnosis and treatment. Jiamei calls for rational skin, treat skin don't get rich quick, not superstition overnight. Maintenance of skin, gentle patience, scientific judgment, rational resolution, aftercare slowly, the careful cultivation. First make the rational concept of skin care, good young, healthy skin is getting closer and closer to you.
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