Qiu dong season, hand cream is one of the essential daily skin care

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-24
Processing cosmetics manufacturer should seek breakthrough in recent years, with the rapid development of Chinese economy, China's cosmetics industry has maintained a rapid growth trend. Especially influenced by the economic slowdown in Europe and America, in Europe and the United States as the 'main' a number of foreign cosmetics are bullish on the Chinese market, the rapid growth of the Chinese market as the engine. China's cosmetics market presents a flourishing trend. Industry analysts say: in the face of the rapid development of the market, local generation process should pay attention to seek the breakthrough of cosmetics manufacturer. For now, China's cosmetics market, to achieve a healthy business development in China, and is not an easy thing. In the face of choice is wider, more finicky consumers, simply relying on the market trend, to achieve the benign growth of the enterprise has long been a thing of the past times. Actually is not a lack of local cosmetics generation processing in China, but China's cosmetics generation process more the danger is clear: 'consumers know you, but think you boring'. So how to establish a good communication with consumers, for different consumers, the product design, packaging, price, etc to make targeted adjustment is the domestic cosmetics for generation of processing. Especially for the strong consumption ability gradually, now also more sensitive to changes in trends in consumer, how to cater to their needs may be needed to focus on one of the key points of domestic cosmetics manufacturer. All say is people's second hand face, you girls face for skin care and at the same time, ever remember to protect your hands? Especially the daily often do household chores of female friends, more should be hand skin. Qiu dong season, hand cream is one of the essential daily skin care. Hands feel dry or after each to wash your hands, to apply moisturizing cream, moisturizing cream best put four times a day, to supplement moisture loss. When both hands after contact with alkaline material such as detergent, want to use vinegar or lemon juice daub in hand, remove residual of the alkaline substances on the surface of the skin. If it's convenient, wash your hands before bedtime after a dip in vinegar, can make the skin surface to form a layer of acid protection film, then daub hand cream, can play the twice the result with half the effort. Hand cream when it should be noted that if the back of hand skin feel tight and a few fine lines, appropriate chooses some properties softer hand cream, glycerin, minerals; Sensitive and dry skin appropriate chooses contains soothing ingredients such as mint, chamomile and hand cream moisturizing agent such as glycerol. In addition to the hand cream, change garments according to the exchange to protect skin to taste, also want to put the soap to wash your hands change, try to use soap or cleanser containing oily fatty sex, washing hands after washing hand gently captured half dry state, and then wipe on mild moisturizing cream.
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