Qiu dong nursing should pay attention to avoid stimulation

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-24
Autumn and winter, after the girl for skin care needs both repair damage left by the summer, but also the change of the dry cold weather, always produces more skin problems, rough pore is one of the problems. Processing professional cosmetics cosmetics manufacturer to XJ Beauty that the pores of girls play a role of channel in general, on the one hand, to discharge the waste oil body, on the other hand also want to resist external dust dirt. In one to get into, it is very easy to block a channel, so that appear the phenomenon such as red, silent. The zero pore of skin can bring compact exquisite feeling, and black will make makeup look dirty, all kinds of defects can't be avoided. So, care of qiu dong is also very important, if we can correctly use the high quality cosmetics manufacturer OEM products, salvation to let the girl's skin is stable for a long time to be able to better for pore to repair. XJ Beauty thinks, if under the condition of the barrier is not stable, many convergence, brush, cleaning products can't use, make cutin greater damage. So women need to skin break down. Repair the class consists of nicotinamide, squalane, water is the key. Water can make new cell activity to accelerate metabolism. Select both cream essence, can let skin in resting all night get very good recovery. In view of the black needs more effective care. First of all is clean after make up water, many have convergent effect of toner on the hydrating effect is slightly less than. So you need to stack based hydrating ingredients and pure let skin channel infiltration. Many brush acid products also appear in the form of water, in the winter can accelerate the cutin flaking, but the stimulus is bigger, can make skin stimulation, in the dry cold weather and seasons when had better stop for a period of time. Clean face film is the most common way to dredge the channel, slimy form is more common and effective, and is more moderate than tear type, for many women frivolous skin easier to accept. Slice and mask tend to hydrating function, less adsorption capacity of waste. Will keep wet and clean at the same time, make your skin more dynamic and not black.
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