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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-22
With the continuous development of economy, people's living conditions is also changing constantly, cosmetics has gradually integrated into people's life. Cosmetics as people living supplies, often at the same time also represents a person's cultural level, savour pursuit and life interest, personality and understanding of fashion. At present, the nature, the beauty of preserve one's health of health concept is a modern city people are the pursuit of quality of life. So the skin care concept is to pay attention to, so, natural and healthy cosmetics is the inevitable trend of future development, the future research direction is also cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer. Natural plant-based cosmetics is the main trend at present, China's cosmetics research and development, and represented by plants extracts of herbs are good functional cosmetics, a wide range of raw materials, natural ingredients, products, reliable and environmentally friendly and conforms to the concept of sustainable development, is one of the products selling point to attract consumers. The combination of natural plant raw material and cosmetics complied with the trend of market development, meet the demand of consumers, the proportion in the cosmetics industry is more and more big! The complexity of the natural plant raw material, the reason for the high price of instability and has been hampering the development of natural cosmetics. Modern biological technology, extraction and separation and purification technology, effective component stabilization technology development has gradually solved the active natural cosmetics is a technical problem. Modern biotechnology for cosmetics development provides a number of functional natural active ingredients, this several extraction methods have advantages and disadvantages of each, for different objects can choose a different way! In recent years, some new separation technology to further expand the application of plant extracts research and development.
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