Public sentiment at the web celebrity 'bodhi crystal soap,' refresh your understanding of the 'soap'

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-11
All sorts of 'soap' became a web celebrity world star

since the life of people more and more attention to

XJ Beauty

reputation popularity at the web celebrity 'bodhi has no risk of crystal soap'

as 'good' refresh your understanding of the 'soap'

Product photo)

do you know?

on the market most cleaning products are oil refining petrochemical surfactants

and petrochemical surfactants have a harm to human body

such as percutaneous poison

a through skin to enter the body of toxins

and toxin to metabolic out

accumulated serious damage to health, even can cause cancer

access to female uterus, men's testicles

destroy the hormonal balance, lead to infertility

trigger allergies, asthma, etc. , destroy the body's immune system think are terrible ~ ~

Cartoon figure)

do you know?

our bodhi has no son of crystal soap is not the same as

reject: animal oil, mineral oil, thickening agent, pigment, hormone

crystal soap, the main raw material ingredient: natural harmless, green health

The bodhi a photo)

do you know?

market similar products sell like hot cakes: contain no son of saponins and adopt single crystal condensation technology

shiseido CPB - Jie YanZao: the retail price is RMB 850

fragrant bud poem - Banyan tree magnificent soap: the retail price is RMB 360

dior - Nectar live wire yan yue cleansing soap: the retail price is RMB 750

big cluster market is so hot

do you know?

XJ Beauty of bodhi has no risk of crystal soap

has its own ten thousand acres of no son of planting zone

share own advanced equipment factory

open another door you

Foshan brillant, banyan park, guizhou dushan, linden park, hunan shimen banyan park)

patent technology | unique patent micro emulsion technology

after the fourth generation of micro emulsion technology, molecular smaller, penetrate into root of pores, thoroughly clean the dirt!

condensation extract refined natural air drying formula

professional mellowing process, cutting good bodhi soap under constant temperature and humidity environment, experienced 90 days mellowing crystallization, more than 10 years of

We have a patent)

why do we need the baby's 'soap'

, can use discharge makeup, clean face clean all right

can wash to the card thickness is not like the

can gently clean the skin is not tight

one soap is multi-purpose, simple enough for

Product contrast)

product selling point: unloading wash artifact super nice

1, increase skin cleaning cleaning and discharge makeup lady diversification in the category selection requirements

2, help the brand upgrade, rich product line, improve market share

3, with rich product line to meet the diversified market demand

4, the natural plant extraction, harmless to human body, green, health, safety cleansing

product selling point: you need the 'soap'

1, long-lasting moisture, promote skin metabolism

2, effective clean up heavy metal particles 3, glittering and translucent Q, powerfully moisturize skin

4, crisp, remove facial cleansing oil

5, convergence pores, luster elastic

6, discharge makeup, clean face, a net residual free

7, moderate close skin, resist skin aging

8, bubble is exquisite, away small dirt 'soap' business

bodhi has no son of crystal soap = word-of-mouth popularity + + peaks

refresh their perception of you?

welcome to order processing, offers an unprecedented much

chuo chuo 'reading' also can receive free samples oh ~

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