Protect skin to taste the processing costs much money

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-17
Nowadays, skin care products manufacturing industry has been developing more and more good. Many people want to do skin care products to build their own. This has created a kind of beauty, production and processing entity model. Protect skin to taste can deal with OEM customers create difficulties, reduce the risk of customer management, improve customer demand power, many people went to focus on one problem when touch cosmetics factory - — How much does it cost to cost? 1. Internal quality of raw materials customers to understand their market positioning and its own way, to understand their own can do what, at ordinary times chemical raw materials in general is full of electric business and micro business channel, province to control line for salon regulations on product quality is relatively high, so the internal price of raw materials is relatively high, if to the provisions of the goods is not high, the price is also lower. 2. The total number of the quality of packaging products and packaging packaging contains both inside and outside two kinds of raw materials, the inner packing products is packaging in glass bottles and jars, outer-package of bottle is people, some customers will show their own packaging products only cosmetics factory for making internal filling and packing of raw materials. Some customers will be immediately to make cosmetics factory buy packaging products. This involves the problem of the total order information. If there is very little in the total number of packaging products price will improve the price of packaging products. 3. Other OEM cost includes processing factory production and processing services, testing cost, handle the registration cost, etc. Many cosmetics factory master orders first, in addition, customers choose way of production and processing, some application processing factory improve the recipe and some application customer show me the recipe, involved in processing factory again to buy the raw material, economic costs would be relatively ascension. Cosmetics and processing costs, there are many elements, people can not only from an Angle of view to consider, should be considered.
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