Proper use of cosmetics generation processing: sunscreen steps

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-07
Many people know that the use of sunscreen to stay away from uv damage, but how to correctly apply sunscreen, how much is appropriate? Not everyone can be 100% right, so more and more sinister early summer in the sun, we XJ Beauty cosmetics generation processing small make up to give you a lesson, how to correctly use sunscreens sit well, a good listening! The sun's rays irradiation for a long time the skin will be likely to cause skin cancer, and sunburn and wrinkles. On the market launch of SPF 30 sunscreen products have been successfully cut off 97% of UVB rays, is an office worker's daily sunscreen ideal choice. But many people know the product in the important SPF is going on, but don't understand the usage and dosage, and because the wrong use sunscreen products and reduce the protective effect. Then you are most interested in is prevented bask in question, we will give you all the time. Step sunscreen use in? Ideally, sunscreen should be used after cleansing before make-up, it can ensure that it is close to the need to protect skin cells. Basically after the daily skin care steps, can use sunscreen, and then the daily cosmetics. Proven by lab experiments, simply apply a thin layer sunscreen way may not be able to achieve the desired effect, in theory, the dosage of facial or less than one yuan coin size. How to apply sunscreen? Sunscreens should cover the neck, chest, arms, ears ( Particularly easy to be forgotten and particularly prone to sunburn part) , and any other exposed parts. How long does it take up a suntan? Basically can calculate, an SPF tube for 5 minutes, which means SPF30 can prevent bask in work 30 * 5 = 150 minutes. But you have to remember, this is ideally estimates, we sweat, clean face with her hands in daily life will affect the sunscreen, work time, so the time of filling besmear is smaller than ideal short. Basically every 2 hours filling besmear is the most reasonable, window interior also need filling besmear oh! How to filling besmear bask in? Filling besmear bask in after makeup is not quite convenient, so after the makeup of how we can protect the skin from uv rays? First, choose the powder with SPF index, at the same time contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide powder can not only avoid the embarrassment of makeup can make sunscreen effect more durable. Second, with SPF index of cosmetics manufacturer, such as foundation, concealer and daily protection cream, can be prevent bask in oxidation at the same time. But this leads to another problem: cosmetics manufacturer SPF index achieve enough protection? The sunscreen cosmetics manufacturer can achieve the desired effect? From New York dermatologist Dr Jessica Krant certainly tells us: 'if you use a sufficient SPF index greater than 30 cosmetics and emulsion, certainly can achieve the same effect as the sunscreen. But these products must be contain SPF and PA double standard components, so it can also resist the sun's UVA ( Cause skin aging) And UVB ( Tan) sunburn 。 To sum up, to be on the safe side, should be in before making up separate use sunscreen products. If you are not outdoor workers, after using a sunscreen with SPF powdery cake up, has been able to achieve daily protection.
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