Professional skin care co-packer tell you a little trick: face long spot?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-01

face long spot? 吗? 吗? In fact, long spot means not only the appearance of defects, also partly reflects the health of human body state, how to quickly spot, please look at the processing professional skin care products - XJ Beauty action to you.

1 correctly identify types of spots

plaques are usually dark brown pigment precipitation caused in the skin, can be divided into congenital and acquired two kinds, including congenital spots are caused by genetic factors, in addition to grow on the face, will be in different parts of the body appear different degree of spots; Spots are generally the day after tomorrow due to human body caused by aging, uv and pathological reasons.

2 do shade sunscreen

strengthen sunscreen is the first step down to remove spots, ultraviolet band damage to human skin tissue is irreversible, and sometimes even qiu dong season, also cannot ignore the power of the sun. Therefore, to apply sunscreen every day, strong sunshine, sunglasses and a sun hat is absolutely necessary, in addition, arm, neck, and prevent bask in will also step up.

3 cleaning makeup

a lot of makeup of women for a long time, the face is dark heavy, long spot, lacklustre, that's because no cleaning and discharge makeup, makeup of minerals and metals into the skin, caused by deposited, so, want to spot, must do daily cleaning and discharge makeup, to ensure that the skin can breathe clean at night, it is important to note that apart from the eyes, lips and face make-up remover is best.

4 use vinegar to wash

every time when washing a face, a few drops of vinegar in warm water, can soften ageing of the skin cutin, also can have the effect of desalt splash, had better choose white vinegar, vinegar acetic acid is suitable for weak spot of this kind of vinegar.

5 a day a glass of lemonade

lemon contain rich vitamin c, is the magic weapon whitening pale spot, every morning drink a cup of lemon water, 250 ml can keep the intestines and stomach often, eliminate waste, also can have beautiful white skin, promote new metabolic function, is suitable for the friends drink face long spot.

6 do seven white miao oil skin care

XJ Beauty of seven white oil, atractylodes, angelica dahurica, hyacinth bletilla, white Japanese ampelopsis root, radix paeoniae alba, tuckahoe, white batryticated silkworm, seven kinds of powder, to milk or pure dew and became the best white oil, the seventh, peulthai the spot serious friends, can do a, every night a week for a period of treatment, do again after 3 days a week, self-healing skin will not be reduced.

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