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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-29
Cosmetics production so easily? 'High-end cosmetics' at the edge of the toilet made < p> 2017 - 04 - 21 20:08:37 < / p> < p> online cosmetics have a risk. But still so many people keen on gaining petty advantages make fun of your face, in case of disfigurement is also of its own making. Vanity noblesse oblige, since you don't have the ability to use big you can afford yourself with a niche brand, suits own is the best! From yangzi evening news network reported on April 20, has uncovered a large network of nanjing public security bureau cosmetics fraud case, captured 10 major criminal suspects, four suspects have been arrested; Counterfeit products seized more than 4000, involved in the inventory value of around 6 million, the sales amount more than $20 million. These and other The famous brand of high-grade cosmetics & throughout; Bottle is recycled, it in the trash can, on the edge of the toilet clean and unarmed cosmetics processing filling seal again, finally build a date is for sale. The graph is cosmetic manufacture counterfeit high-grade cosmetics caught the criminal suspect. ( Illegal cosmetics production) According to the check, the store opened in 2015, 'methods secluded and cunning, replenish onr's stock, packaging, warehousing, sales each link scattered in six of the country, also stockpiled quality goods receipts, to deal with customer complaints, and bring many & other; Throughout the semicolon &; , if there is a shop by detection and processing, with small rally. ( Illegal cosmetics production) As the two called & other; A wholesale & throughout; And & other Throughout the residence &; Online are the same people, the main sales LA killing ( La mer) 、JO MALONE( Jo Malone) CK, SK - II, lace and other high-end cosmetics, the inspection are all fake and inferior commodities. More seriously, many buyers to buy at a lower price, after the price through their respective WeChat and store a way distribution, flow is difficult to control. ( Illegal cosmetics production) After waiting for you, the police finally caught the criminal suspect his photographs in xiamen and their external staff earlier. Crush cosmetics added to produce false dens, warehouse 4, 6 sets of producing equipment and the scene seized more than 4000 products, value 6 million yuan, otherwise a large number of packaging materials, paste, liquid cosmetics semi-finished products, etc. ( Illegal cosmetics production) According to the criminal suspects confession, & other We specializing in high-end cosmetics, there are some people who are too expensive, not in the shop to buy genuine, with no true and false. A set of cost thousands of yuan LA killing, cost just a few blocks, but much lower than the shop because it is over, still have a lot of the market. ” ( Illegal cosmetics production) Filling of fake cosmetics pot bubble at the edge of the toilet, garbage can, just like that. ( Illegal cosmetics production) Now there are many formal cosmetics factory have the cooperation of OEM cosmetics, while processing production is the domestic brand cosmetics, but also normal qualified products. You still can be at ease of use. < / p>
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