Producing machining OEM manufacturers, how to distinguish the pros and cons of producing?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-21

believes that many people have heard of producing, but not many actually used, you know? Producing the magic skin care efficacy in where? A producing the equivalent of six bottles of high-end essence, there are other products can achieve the effect of a year, producing may be a month is ok, isn't it amazing, and incredible. Do you want to be producing generation processing brand dealers, want to consult cooperation, welcome to XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer OEM!

why want to find good producing OEM manufacturers, for producing quality, good to open the market, but you will discern the true and false of the producing, strengths and weaknesses? The first:

look at its active content.

we usually use some essence skin care products, such as a bottle of the most active between 3 k to 5 kiu, not very high. And some level of producing such as cosmetics, its activity between 1 w and 4 w a IU, the content of the equivalent of several bottles of essence.

there are producing, activity levels in between IU w 4 to 6 w. This is the level of medical beauty, usually be used in minimally invasive surgery, can help to restore. And of course content more than 8 w producing, this is the medical treatment level. Like this can be very expensive, of course is also very good effect. But you can see that some in the market did not indicate the active IU, what can we do at this time, it doesn't matter, you can also use another method. Second:

it is the product quality of a material, because the product is vacuum distillation were extracted, so good product its shape similar to compressed biscuits, they became into a block.

it is the same color powder, won't appear the phenomenon of uneven color. But some vendors will because technology is restricted or equipment not enough precision and cause them to produce products is also not so pure, not pure product is can be seen from the apparent. For example very fleeciness, although some will condense into piece by piece, but as long as gently shake will loose, not sealed. This comes up from the surface of the difference between good or bad, very simple and also very practical.

of course, one of the most intuitive is to see the price, good product it naturally expensive, because of the high production cost, high technical requirements. Therefore looking for producing and processing OEM brands, be sure to find the letter, and have certain qualifications, XJ Beauty is your choice, welcome consultation to understand!

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